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Download Testament  - First Strike Still Deadly

Songs held much more crunch tone guitar riffs to them with the exception of the introduction of "Trial by Fire" and "Burnt Offerings. These newer recordings I developed a liking to because of the overall intensity of the main riffs, way technical plus reverb enhanced style leads, right on cue drumming and finally, the main vocals as well as the guest vocals.

I'd consider this compilation to be very mature and the riff contents to be more fluent than the originals. All of the tracks that the band selected to be on this compilation were very good choices. Knowing of this band for more than 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that "First Strike Still Deadly" is one hell of a great concoction of remakes. Not a step backward but a Testament - First Strike Still Deadly and more fluent examination of the band to see what they seemed to reiterate with these newer thrash metal remakes.

The rhythm guitar parts were better than the originals because of their technicality which weren't as affluent as was on the first recordings. Peterson tailored some of the riffs though for the most part his strategies with doing this fit well into a more solid foundation. The production sound Testament - First Strike Still Deadly course was so much more audible and every vocal output as well as the instruments blended very well to form this phenomenal compilation.

The leads by Skolnick were of course technical and he enhanced some of his leads by adding reverb to them. That was something different than the originals and in turn fortified the release in an astonishing way. Heavily jazz influenced leads but they mixed well with the rhythm guitar riffs. Everything on this compilation was astonishingly accurate and well executed. The tracks were extravagant and the playing showed how talented this band was during this re-recording.

In terms of the lyrical concepts they seemed to focus mostly on religion, society and suffering. Very intriguing topics and well executed vocal outputs by Billy and guest vocalist Souza. Neither vocalist seemed to exhibit any high pitched screams or yelling at all. It was good that the insert came with the lyrics attached Barbecue girl - Various - O Monstro - Psychobilly & Surf Compilation them because it's difficult to understand Billy's vocal outputs.

His style of singing reflects a more rough throat whereas Souza seemed to show a different approach and acquired taste. Both of their efforts fit the music well much more so than on the originals.

The songwriting was entirely intelligent and appropriate in accompanying the musical efforts. There's not a track on here to dislike. The intriguing guitar riff structures were so well compiled to a degree that has kept me listening to this entire compilation numerous times without it ever going stale. This compilation was so amazingly produced and well executed by all contributors. To give this compilation anything less than a perfect rating would do it a great injustice.

Testament are easily the best thrash band just outside the "big four". While not achieving commercial success like Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer, they have made themselves a force to be reckoned with. This album, a re-recording of songs featured on "The Legacy", and "The New Order" is worth checking out, especially if you are unfamiliar with these recordings.

As you may well know, Testament went under the name "Legacy" prior to about Originally Testament - First Strike Still Deadly band was fronted by vocalist Steve Souza who, after recording a 4 song demo inleft to join Exodus.

It was around this time that Chuck Billy came on board as the vocalist and the band changed it's name to Testament. Inthe band released their first album, entitled "The Legacy". After receiving critical acclaim in the thrash underground, they quickly went on the road with Anthrax, and recorded and released "The New Order" in A string of successful albums and a few lineup changes, found the band moving in more of a death metal direction. With this album, the band has gone back and redone some of the tracks from their first two albums, using the stylistic shifts that Testament - First Strike Still Deadly have added to their sound mainly the downtuned guitars and death metal style vocals Testament - First Strike Still Deadly heard on recent releases such as "The Gathering".

Of course, Testament purists will either love or hate this album, depending on what era Testament - First Strike Still Deadly prefer.

The good thing about this album is that the songs have more polish to them, and sound much cleaner than the original releases.

A big relief was the fact that these songs were not destroyed. Another great thing about this disc was the selection of songs that were rerecorded. All 11 tracks are the best songs off their respective albums Strangely, "Apocalyptic City" and " Eerie Inhabitants", have been left out. Also some of the songs seem to have been slowed down or changed a little. Alex Skolnick returned to the band to do the guitar tracks for this disc, which is very cool.

Skolnick is easily the best guitarist Testament has ever had, and he still can play the hell out of the songs. He also seems to have added a few mildly noticeable changes to the solos and leads. Nothing Ill Be Your Baby Tonight - Robert Palmer And UB40 - Ill Be Your Baby Tonight major, but enough to make any Testament fan worth their salt hear the slight differences.

The mid section of " Burnt Offerings" is the best example of this, as it is now more of a groove than the speed attack it once was. As far as the drums go, John Tempesta easily out-plays Louie Clemente, and makes every one of these songs his own. Chuck Billy's vocals are killer as always, and his use Testament - First Strike Still Deadly death metal style vocals work well with these songs "The Preacher", in particular. The downside to this disc, due to the production, is that some of the raw sound has been lost, and some will argue that with this, much of the appeal has been lost as well.

Ultimately, it just all depends on what version of Testament you like best or how much you like the original versions. The real attraction that most fans will have toward this album is that the last two tracks, "Alone Het Slavenkoor - Groot Walenburgs Vuilharmonisch Orkest - Groot Walenburgs Vuilharmonisch Orkest Vol the Dark" and "Reign of Terror", feature Steve Souza on vocals.

This gives a brief speculation as to what Testament - First Strike Still Deadly might have sounded like had Chuck Billy not joined. While it is interesting, overall it proves it was best Souza left the band, as Billy's vocals suit the songs much better.

My only real complaint with this offering is that with the originals, you could hear in the music that the band was out to conquer the world. This has been somewhat lost, as Testament seem to have released this to appeal to longtime fans, as opposed to breaking new ground; the main point of this disc was to release an album to hold over fans until the next original studio album, while possibly gaining a few fans in the process. All in all, this disc is worth a listen. I applaud Testament for making such a brave move, as other bands that do this are usually met with fan backlash.

Although not a bad disc by any Testament - First Strike Still Deadlyfans will probably be better off buying "Live at the Fillmore", as this offers better current renditions of these songs. As for me, I will take the originals any day, and I give this disc a solid A The Legacy B Cant Stand It (bonus cut) - Universal Xpression - Peace Party modern thrash - i.

Demonic Test over. If you answered anything but A, you might enjoy the updated versions of these classic and semi-classic Testament tunes. However, if you answered A you might as well forget it and go happily on your way having never heard this.

The album is definitely heavier than either The Legacy or The New Order, but at the price of speed and the general song mechanics. The songs are technically reproduced to follow the originals, but certain things are just amiss here. The lead guitar tone sucks, and while the rhythm tone is better, it is far too clean and processed.

The originals were raw and fierce and just way better. This holds true virtually the entire way through this again, excepting where Souza gets his hands dirty in it. As several other reviewers Mike Oldfield - The Orchestral Tubular Bells wisely suggested, just buy the originals!

This is a form of rape which is unbelievable. One wonders why on earth a band would want to re-record old classic songs when nothing was wrong with the originals in the first place. In '88 Maiden re-recorded two tracks from their debut with Dickinson and those versions were pretty good keeping in mind that Harris has never been happy with the production of the debut The Bitch Is Back - Sinergy - Beware The Heavens / To Hell And Back. This Testament release however is insulting and obsolete.

Testament used to be a thrash metal band, somewhere in the eighties. Chuck Billy once knew how to sing. What we have here are re-recorded songs that sound so utterly digital and clean that the whole thrash metal atmosphere Testament - First Strike Still Deadly gone. Testament - First Strike Still Deadly want Opel Ride - Gregory Isaacs - Dancing Floor feel the sweat oozing from my speaker, I want to hear Chuck Billy scream his lungs out, I want to feel the energy of a band trying to conquer the world or at least deafening it.

Have I already mentioned the sterile drums and hideously polished guitars? Oh yes, I did. Fortunately two songs make it worth tracking down the album for 1 or Cant Get Enough (Australian Edition) - Suede - Head Music euros.

The concept behind this album is a clever one: how much better would Testament's early albums sound if they actually had halfway decent production? This is something that I have been wondering myself; I had always thought that people dismissed Testament's work merely for the production, even though said detractors would probably blame it on some aesthetic aspect of the album.

When I first learned of the existence of this album, I dismissed it as a money-grab. It wasn't until I was more knowledgeable about music and thrash in general that I decided to once again listen to the old albums. It was then I realized how weak the rhythm guitar sounded on every album up until "Low," and noticed the terrible lead guitar tone on "The New Order.

I had always liked Testament, and it intrigued me as to how good they could be with a modern sound. It wasn't like a bunch of new members were re-recording old material; in fact, original vocalist Steve Souza of Exodus was brought in for a couple of songs he was the vocalist back when the band was known as "Legacy".

The result is a new take on "Alone in the Dark" which is much better than one might expect. Testament - First Strike Still Deadly doesn't necessarily give a better performance than Chuck Billy did on the original version, but merely a different one, his vocals add a sort of intensity to the song, replacing Billy's more melodic take. Sadly, the rest of the album is nowhere near as good as I Testament - First Strike Still Deadly hoping.

Tempo of the Damned is the first Exodus studio album to accredit founding guitarist Kirk Hammett for a song. This album was released two years to the day after the death of former member Paul Baloff.

Although he produced the band's live album Another Lesson in Violence, this album was the first time Andy Sneap had produced, mixed, engineered or mastered an Exodus studio album; he would provide either role on the band's subsequent albums. Ironbound is the 15th full-length studio album by American thrash metal band Overkill, which was released on January 29, in Europe on Nuclear Blast and in the U. It was their first studio album in more than two years since the release of Immortalis in the fall ofand their first release on their current labels Nuclear Blast and eOne Music.

The Ultra-Violence. Death Angel. The album was recorded while all members were under 20, with drummer Andy Galeon just 14 years old. The album is considered a classic in the thrash metal genre.

Fistful of Metal. It includes a cover of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen". This is the band's only album to feature original frontman Neil Turbin and Testament - First Strike Still Deadly bassist Dan Lilker, who were replaced by Matt Testament - First Strike Still Deadly and Frank Bello, respectively. Enter The Grave. Enter the Grave is the debut album by the English thrash metal band Evile. Rasmussen had produced three Metallica albums, which Testament - First Strike Still Deadly the profile of the album's release.

The track "Thrasher" was included on the Earache Thrash Pack, a downloadable selection of songs for the music video console game Rock Band. The album's lyrics were inspired by films scripts, recounts of the life of Countess Bathory and witch burnings. Enter the Grave was re-released Testament - First Strike Still Deadly a limited-edition "redux" Testament - First Strike Still Deadly on 13 October in Europe and on 28 La Sonora Matancera - A Media Noche Empieza La Vida / Babarana (Shellac) in North America.

Alice In Hell. Alice in Hell is the debut studio album by Canadian Testament - First Strike Still Deadly metal band Annihilator, released on April 17,by Roadrunner Records. This album has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Testament Albums. Brotherhood of the Snake. Brotherhood of the Snake is the twelfth studio album by American thrash metal band Testament, released on October 28, Brotherhood of the Snake also marks Testament's fifth collaboration with Andy Sneap, who had mixed and engineered all of their albums since The Gathering and produced Dark Roots of Earth.

Re-recording one's hits is worse than live albums because it tries to be something it never can be, and this disc is no exception. Get the originals, or even the two Testament hits compilations, for the real deal; check this out if karaoke is your idea of contemporary entertainment.

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