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Download Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)

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Sign In Register. Artist: Pink Floyd. Album: Pulse. We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave those kids alone.

Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. All in all you're just another brick in the wall. We don't need no education.

Teachers, leave those kids alone. Yesterday - Greetje Kauffeld - European Windows: Trio & Quintet Floyd Lyrics provided by SongLyrics.

Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS. This Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. All News Daily Roundup. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. A Great Day For Freedom 2. A Great Day for Freedom Live 3. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 7. Start a Wiki.

The two songs are usually played one after the other on the radio because of how the songs merge. The song has strong drums and distinctive guitar parts in the background with a smooth yet edgy guitar solo. The song also features a school choir for lead vocals in some sections and back up vocals in other sections. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!

Yes, you behind the bike shed The "bricks" are traumatic events that make the mental "wall".


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