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Download Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please

Opener 'That'll Be The Day' is a little whimsical, and the orchestration continues on the title track, which underpins the piano and nice melodies. Some good tunes, but remember it is Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please mid range pop album. The highlights amongst the 10 tracks here include the Brazilian flavoured 'Feijao De Corada', the holiday feel of 'Samba Da Elisa' and 'Monday Mourning', complete with its haunting piano opening.

Laid back but Metakrupja zaigojošā āda - Paralēlā Pilsēta - Sapnis par Metakrupi a way that you can relax with it playing in the background. Sung entirely in their native tongue it never hindered Clannad! The band have added strings and classical instruments such as clarinet and oboe to fill out the sound.

Not for everyone this one but those who like something mellow and along the lines of Clannad or Capercaillie this will be right up your street. His debut solo album - The Ideal Condition - will follow in May. As you might expect the production is first rate and as well as a host of remixes you also get an excellent non-album track Old School Tie.

Part of the New York electric folk underground scene, Tall Firs were formed in when Dave Miles and Aaron Mullan taught each other to play guitar over the phone. The album is a cast back to those hippy, sun and drug soaked days of the s when an acoustic and a joint was all that was needed for peace, love and understanding. Think early Donovan. Gentle interwoven melodies pervade the album and wash around, over and through you. The vocals are restrained, low key and mellow, occasionally supplemented by drums and keys.

It's an album best served through headphones or in a warm bath. Ina Spin magazine interview with Smith reported that "the director of Pee-wee's Big Adventure " i. Tim Burton had asked Robert to make an appearance in a film. In a article discussing inspirations behind the look of the film's lead character, Entertainment Weekly citing Burton and costume designer Colleen Atwood Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat.

Robert Smith - Please that "the character's retro hair and penchant for leather clearly draw on punks like the Cure's Robert Smith". I just want to thank you for inspiring me. Neil Gaimanauthor and creator of Vertigo Comics ' The Sandman —based the appearance of his lead character partly on that of Robert Smith, and partly on himself in his twenties.

One issue of The Crow dedicated an entire page to reprinting the lyrics from the Cure song " The Hanging Garden ", and O'Barr said that he was listening a lot to the Cure's early albums such as Seventeen Seconds and Faith while Miss Froggie - Various - Dont You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes was writing the story.

O'Barr, however, has downplayed the influence of Robert Smith on the lead character Eric Draven's physical appearance, saying that "the idea that the look has been inspired by him has really been overblown" and that the visual aspect of Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please character owed more to Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop. Garth Ennis 's Muzak Killer stories for AD Comics from also contain visual references in the form of characters resembling Robert Smith, [] [] and again, Smith himself is a self-professed fan of AD.

Revolutionary Comics produced a biographical comic book on the Cure in as Issue No. Brite in his vampire novel Lost Souls uses a poster of Robert Smith on a bedroom wall as a sexual prop during a homoerotic encounter between two of his characters, Laine and Nothing. Brite's enthusiastic appraisal of Robert Smith's mouth in her sic depiction of a fictional blowjob" as "an example of the unfortunate habit of many fiction writers especially since the s to invoke pop stars and their lyrics with un-ironic [ sic ] reverence, resulting in prose about as reflective as voyeuristic journalism, bad porn and bumperstickers".

In television comedy programmes Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please the early s, Smith was sometimes the subject of lampooning. MTV's Half Hour of Comedy Hour —for example, featured a mock episode of This Old House in which a parody of Smith's Disintegration -era persona is seen asking building contractors to leave his house in Кобзарь - Oneyroid - Наташа Атомный Бог (File, Album) semi-demolished state to retain the sense of "urban decay".

Newman portrayed Smith dolefully wailing the lyrics over a backdrop of gloomy Cure-styled mope-rock. Another of the series' regular characters, Edward Colanderhandsappears in one episode as a member of the Cure's audience. Another sketch on The Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please Whitehouse Experience revolved around "Ray: a man afflicted with a sarcastic tone of voice", also portrayed by Newman, and presented in the style of a Medical case history.

In the series' final episode, Ray is given a copy of the Cure's Disintegration LP as a present, and is so overwhelmed that he can no longer speak in a sarcastic tone, and spontaneously begins speaking Flemish.

In the closing scene, Ray has a chance meeting with the real Robert Smith in a cameo appearance, who punches Ray in the face and declares "oh no, what a personal disaster". In a scene where David Baddiel fantasises about his own funeral, Smith appears graveside, saying: "I've never been this miserable. I always preferred him to the other one" i. Newmanbefore leading a conga of mourners in party-hats around the graveyard.

Mike Leigh 's film Career Girls depicts the reunion of two women who formerly shared both a flat and a love of the Cure as teenagers in the s, featuring the band's music and imagery throughout. Smith was invited by Leigh to the premiere, which Smith described as "one of the weirdest afternoons of my life There's one bit in the film when they see a poster for ' The 13th ', the first single from the last albumand she says to her friend, 'Are they still releasing records? Mothra scale" [] that completely destroys the Soul She Feel - Daily Plannet - Team Daily of South Park, Colorado.

Streisand is portrayed as an "evil, egotistical diabolical bitch" who wants to conquer the world with an ancient stone accidentally discovered by Eric Cartmanknown as the 'Diamond of Pantheos'. The only people who can stop her are film critic Leonard Maltinactor Sidney Poitier along with Smith. To battle Mecha-Streisand, Smith transforms into " Smithra ", who has the ability of "robot punch", and ultimately defeats the monster by taking it by the tail and hurling it into space.

Smith offers to roshambo Cartman to get his Walkie-Talkie back, Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please immediately kicks Cartman in the groin, causing him to drop the walkie-talkie. At the end of the episode as Smith walks off into the sunset, Kyle Broflovski calls out " Disintegration is the best album ever! At the time, the episode brought South Park its highest ratings to date, with approximately 3, viewers; about 40, more than tuned into ABC 's Prime Time Live.

Comedy Central 's debut screening in February marked the first time a cable station had beaten one of the Big Three television networks during prime time viewing, [] and "Robert Smith Kicks Ass" T-shirts were reportedly "doing a healthy trade among Cure fans" soon afterwards. Now that I'm a cartoon character I'm fully accepted into their world". When my nephews had seen that, they worshipped me, but [kept] asking: What is a disintegration, uncle Bob?

I simply answered it was something I had made a long time ago. Still funny how everything I do — travel, experiencing so many things, having interesting meetings, making good-selling records — means nothing to them while since my appearance in South Park I'm immortal and famous to them Interviewed by Placebo's Brian Molko for Les Inrockuptibles magazine, Smith said that Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent him the script, but deliberately left some portions blank "to keep the surprise.

Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please didn't want anybody to know, they wanted to shock. When I saw myself, I found it surrealistic. I stayed up all night and went into this radio station and recorded my words down a phone line. I had no idea what it was all about.

I had one of them on the other end of the line directing me, saying, "Please sound more like Robert Smith. Come on! He told Wentz that the " Disintegration is the best album ever! Inin an episode of The Mighty Boosh"Nanageddon" Series 2, episode 11the character Vince Noir offers Howard Moon the opportunity to spend the evening with two goth girls, on the condition that he dresses like a goth.

Vince produces a can Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please "Goth Juice: the most powerful hairspray known to man, made from the tears of Robert Smith". In the same episode the Moon sings " The Love Cats " over the credits. Asked by NME. That would be great! Smith is married to Mary Theresa Poole born 3 Octoberwhom he met No Te Pienso Mirar - Various - The Placenta Family Tree Volume 11 drama class at St Wilfrid's when he was Smith said he was against their having children as he not only objects to having been born but refuses to impose life on another.

Smith later revealed that early in his musical career, Mary had not always shared his confidence and vision for the Cure's future, which was a significant motivating factor in his ensuring that the band was successful. Smith told The Face that he had once left a video camera running in their home "and after a couple of hours you forget that it's Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please and I was quite horrified at the amount of rubbish we say to each other.

It's like listening to mental people I feel more natural in the company of people who are mentally unbalanced because you're always more alert, wondering what they're going to do next He claimed that Mary "used to dress as a witch to scare little children", that she sometimes dressed up as Robert Smith in his pyjamas, and that he could never take people home "because I never know who is going to answer the door".

While the Cure was recording the Wish album at Shipton ManorOxfordshire between andamong the objects pinned to the wall was "Mary's Manor Mad Chart", listing seventeen members of the Manor's staff and residents including the Cure and their entourage "in order of instability". Mary was ranked in Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please place, after a woman named Louise who worked in the kitchen.

It was very moving". Smith has said his mother Rita "wasn't supposed to have me", which was the reason for the significant age gap between him and his two elder siblings. Which is good, because I would have hated not having a younger sister". Janet Smith knew Porl Thompsonthe erstwhile "second" guitarist of the Cure, since they were children, [] and the pair began dating during Thompson's early tenure as lead guitarist for Malice and the Easy Cure.

With the patience of a saint, she spent a month teaching me the rudiments of playing piano. Before this, I knew nothing. Smith has said that he is Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please uncomfortable with interviews and conversations with strangers and does not express an interest or desire to engage in either.

Smith has described himself as a "liberal kind of guy" but he is "uncomfortable with politicised musicians". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. For the Irish musician and singer-songwriter, see Rob Smith Irish musician. Post-punk gothic rock new wave alternative rock.

Singer songwriter musician record producer. Vocals guitar bass keyboards. Main article: The Cure. Genre Electronic. Styles Electronica. Member Of Orbital. Paul Hartnoll. For Silence. Patchwork Quilt. Post Irish Meeting. Where Do You Want to Begin? Ultra Violent Music. Killing Time. Fireworks feat. Nick Drake's on the other side of Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please coin to Jimi Hendrix. He was very quiet and withdrawn I think also that because he had an untimely death like Jimi Hendrix, he was never able to compromise his early work.

He was never able to put a foot wrong. It's a morbid romanticism, but there is something attractive about that. He later recalled: " It's like Kennedy being shot for another generation. You just remember that night watching David Bowie on TV. It really was a formative, seminal experience. Rexand during the same period, Robert also became a fan of Roxy Fire - Joe Henderson Featuring Alice Coltrane - The Elements. He was probably my only real idol.

I travelled around the country to see them People talk about Iggy Pop as the original punk but certainly in Britain the forerunner of the punk movement was Alex Harvey I remembered the power of that live Untitled - Boyzone - Boyzone / Solstice and I've tried to have that in my mind since I started up my own group.

Smith soon became influenced by the emergence of the UK punk scene ofand has cited the Sex Pistolsthe StranglersElvis Costellothe Buzzcocks and Siouxsie and the Banshees as important influences on his own music from this period.

I remember listening to "Anarchy" for the very first time at a party and thinking "this is it! Elsewhere Smith said that the Stranglers were his favourite punk band and that Elvis Costello "was a cut above the Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat.

Robert Smith - Please lot of them", in terms of lyrics and songcraft. Smith was influenced by the Banshees' "wall of noise" and the Buzzcocks ' melodies, and aspired to combine the two. Wire pointed out another direction to me. Smith began sporting his trademark and cult style of smeared red lipstick, eye-liner, pale complexion, artfully dishevelled black hair, black clothes and trainers in the early s, around the same time as the Goth subculture took off.

However, Robert Smith denies any credit for this trend and claims it is a coincidence that the styles are similar, stating that he wore makeup since he was young and further saying: "It's so pitiful when 'Goth' is still tagged onto the name the Cure. The sombre mood of early albums, combined with Smith's on-stage persona, cemented the band's Jazzarimba Orchestra* - Whats This (Cylinder) gothic " image.

The band's aesthetic went from gloomy to psychedelic beginning with The Top. InSmith altered his image by appearing on-stage and in press photos sporting short spiky hair and polo shirts this can Jump - Various - Acid Rave - Uragano seen in The Cure in Orangea concert in the south of France released on video in This new haircut made the headlines on MTV news.

Although Smith's public persona could be deemed to portray a depressed image, he has stated that his songs do not convey how he feels all, or even most of the time:. But I'm not like that all the time. That's the difficulty of writing songs that are a bit depressing. People think you're like that all the time, but I don't think that.

I just usually write when I'm depressed. Smith has a tenor vocal range. In the band's earliest period, he used a soft vocal style on the demos of " Saturday Night" and " Boys Don't Cry ", and a frenetic punk style on "I Just Need Myself". Both of those styles were left behind as a third emerged during the production of the band's debut album, Three Imaginary Boys.

Around that time, Smith said he wanted to improve his singing, the opposite of his goal in he remarked in the documentary Ten Imaginary Years that he tried to sing badly on the album The Top. Smith's songwriting has developed a range of styles and themes throughout his career. In subsequent decades, Smith explored more poetic moods, which accorded with New Order and other bands of that genre. In an interview inSmith Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please that "there is one particular kind of music, an atmospheric type of music, that I enjoy making with the Cure.

I enjoy it a lot more than any other kind of sound". I think there are various Cure sounds from different periods and different line-ups. In a interview with Guitar Player magazine, Smith shared insights from his first guitar lessons - undertaken at the age of 9 years - and his guitar-playing style, as well as his habit of purposely detuning the high "E" first string on his guitars.

Of his first lessons, Smith stated:. I started on classical guitar, actually. I had lessons from age nine with a student of John Williams, a really excellent guitarist. I still read music, but it takes me too long to work through a piece. I don't know what it adds, but the guitar just doesn't sound quite Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please to me normally. In the studio, I often defy the tuners, particularly with keyboard overdubs.

I even change the speed of the tape to detune some parts. I think a lot of players presented with the same guitar and told to tune it themselves would come up with something drastically different. And the way you play [the guitar] affects the perceived tuning. If Porl [Thompson] and I tune together and play the same thing, but he plays hard and I play soft, it will sound completely off.

Speaking about Wish inSmith also offered the following input on how detuned instruments played a significant role in the album, and the challenges of capturing the sound live. The only drawback to that is onstage it's very confusing sometimes, especially with lots of phasing effects going on. It turns into this overwhelming pulsing sound, and you can't hear anything.

While recording the Cure's Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please Three Imaginary Boys album inSmith's guitar during this period Dubbing Master - Various - Master Showcase a Woolworth's Top 20 electric guitar, and was told by Chris Parry to use a more suitable instrument, so Smith went out and purchased a Fender Jazzmaster based on Smith's having recently seen Elvis Costello playing one on Top of the Pops, [] but then decided to have the Top 20 Pickup installed into the Jazzmaster, giving it a 3rd pickup.

Smith explained this guitar customization in "The third pickup [in the Fender Jazzmaster] is from a Woolworth's Top 20 guitar, my very first electric. I took it in to record our first album, along with a little WEM combo amp.

I played the entire Three Imaginary Boys album through a Top 20 pickup. It's a brilliant guitar, though I actually bought it because of how it looked. Smith's notable guitar work was first heard on the first Cure single " Killing An Arab " which was released in Dec. Smith would soon expand on his guitar style further with the Cure's second album Seventeen Secondsnotably on the singles " A Forest ", where Smith played an extended solo-outro on his Jazzmaster, as well as Play For Todaywhere Smith demonstrated an intricate use of harmonics.

With every Cure album release on-ward, Smith would soon incorporate a number of different guitars and sounds into the Cure's repertoire with stylistic versatility and craftsmanship over the course of thirty years.

Another ingredient of Smith's guitar sound is the Fender VIwhich proved to be a staple of the Cure's sound during the early 80's on Cure albums such as Fool In My Heart - Flying Colors - Live In Europeand was later played by Smith on the release Disintegration.

Smith shared the following input of his use of the Fender VI:. I think [producer] Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please Hedges stole it. I'm not sure from whom, but he said they'd never miss it. He worked with a lot of big-name artists and he felt it was his duty as a socialist to relieve them of some of their worldly possessions.

So he gave me that at the end of Seventeen Seconds. I actually wrote "Primary" on it and incorporated it into a few other things. I inherited an approach from John [McKay, the Banshee's first guitarist] which was just to have everything full up, really. It was just a matter of getting somewhere in the region of the right chord, and you got away with it. There were only about 5 songs Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please I had to learn the parts.

The rest of it was just in a key. Cassette Cassette. Merchandise Merchandise. Ticket Ticket. Old School Tie - Paul Hartnoll Feat. Robert Smith - Please Other. Dance Dance. Events Events.


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