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Download Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love

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From The Album Play album. Cabretta Mink DeVille 12, listeners. Play track. Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love images 7 more.

The band recorded six albums during the years toreaching their peak of mainstream success with their lively single " Spanish Stroll ".

Except for frontman Willy DeVille, the original members of the band played only on the first two albums 'Cabretta' and 'Return to Magenta'. For the rema… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. All Things Hyped: Last. Sunday 28 July Monday 29 July Tuesday 30 July Wednesday 31 July Thursday 1 August Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August Monday 5 August Tuesday 6 August Wednesday 7 August Thursday 8 August Friday 9 August Saturday 10 August Sunday 11 August Monday 12 August Tuesday 13 August Erykah Badu - Baduizm Wednesday 14 August Thursday Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love August Friday 16 August Saturday 17 August Sunday 18 August Monday 19 August Tuesday 20 August Wednesday 21 August Thursday 22 August Friday 23 August Saturday 24 August Sunday 25 August Monday 26 August Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August Friday 30 August Saturday 31 August Sunday 1 September Monday 2 September Tuesday 3 September Wednesday 4 September Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Saturday 7 September Sunday 8 September Monday 9 September Tuesday 10 September Wednesday 11 September InWilly DeVille's love of art and French culture led him to relocate to Paris for a short while.

Guitarist Louis X. Erlanger had become acquainted with Pomus while frequenting New York City's blues clubs and had urged Pomus to check out the group. Wrote Alex HalberstadtPomus's biographer:. He sat at his usual table and watched an empty spotlight. Cigarette smoke wafted into the shaft of light from offstage while the sax player blew Earle Hagen 's "Harlem Nocturne".

DeVille strode out of the wings and snatched the mike. With his pedantically trimmed pencil mustache he looked like a cross between a bullfighter and a Puerto Rican pimp. The tightest black suit clung to his thin frame; he wore a purple shirt, a narrow black tie and shoes with six-inch points.

A Pompadour jutted out above his forehead like the lacquered hull of a submarine. The show was the most soulful Doc had seen in ages. He borrowed much of his phrasing from Ben E.

King and couldn't believe it when someone told him that Doc Pomus wanted to meet him after the show. I'm in the book ," Doc hollered before rolling away in his wheelchair. DeVille said about their first meeting, "Now here I am at 29, a writer, doing pretty good and I've just been asked if I want to write songs with a guy who helped lay the foundations for the music I fell in love with sitting at my mother's kitchen table when I was only seven years old.

You've got to be kidding! Willy DeVille hired Jean Claude Petit to supervise string arrangementsand he dismissed the members of the band except for guitarist Louis X. Erlanger in favor of new musicians, including accordionist Kenny Margolis.

Said DeVille: "I wanted to record the album in Paris The band with me was a dream come true. I've got Phil Spector 's horn player, Steve Douglas who also served as produceron tenor and baritone. That's pretty cool!

Songwriting with Doc Pomus. Not to mention Jean-Claude doing the strings. How can I go wrong? Capitol Records released Le Chat Bleu in Europe inbut believed Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love American audiences would not warm to a record featuring accordions and strings. They didn't understand the record, but they understood it in Europe.

They released it immediately in Europe and everybody loved it. Wrote Alex Halberstadt:. Willy DeVille created a record that sounded like nothing that had come before It was clear that Willy had realized his fantasy of a new, completely contemporary Brill Building record. To the symphonic sweetness of the Drifters he added his own Gallic romance and, in his vocal, a measure of punk rock 's Bowery grit.

Doc Pomus was elated when he heard it. Thinking they'd signed a new wave band, Capitol didn't know what to do with Willy's rock and roll chanson and shelved Loch Lomond - Bing Crosby - Live At The London Palladium for a year. When it was finally released inLe Chat Bleu remixed by Joel Dornmade nearly every critic's list of the year's best records.

Baker declared it the tenth best rock album of all time. That's all we were. We weren't ready to make great rock and roll records. Wrote critic Robert Palmer in DeVille's career never quite took off, despite the impressive breadth and depth of his talent. He is recording a new album for Atlantic records, having departed from his previous recording commitment under less than amicable circumstances.

And on Friday night he was at the Savoywhere he demonstrated with an almost insolent ease that he is still ready for Un Coeur Qui Bat Pour Toi - Demis Roussos - MP3 recognition that should have been his several years ago. He has the songs, he has the voice, and he has the band. And he has expanded the scope of his music by adding elements of French cafe songs and Louisiana zydeco to the mixture of rockbluesLatin and Brill Building soul that was already there.

I had band problems, manager problems, record company problems. And yeah, I had drug problems. Finally I Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love a new recording contract, with Atlantic, and a new manager. I cleaned up my act. I figured that since playing music with people I was friends with didn't seem Duane Eddy - Especially For You / Girls!

Girls! Girls work out, I would Do You Cheat On Your Wife Cause Shes A Cold Piece Of Ice?

- Omo The Hobo - Party Album No. 1 some mercenaries, some cats who just wanted to play and get paid. And those guys turned out to be more devoted to the music than any band I ever had. They're professional, precise, but they're full of fire, too. Both Get Down And Dirty - Saxon - Forever Free truly Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love albums—despite lukewarm reviews at the time—showcasing much of Willy's theatrical personality and his own desire to provide for the elements of fantasy in rock music that Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love early rockers and doo-woppers did in the s and s and that Piaf and Brel did in France.

Rootsy, hook-laden rock, iconic balladry, and the theater of aural experience were all contained in songs that offered the illusion that one could still find acted out under a streetlamp-lit stage, in front of a trashcan bonfire, narrated by one costumed in the decadent attire of a Euro-trash lothario-cum-stiletto-carrying s gang banger They captivate a listener in the same way a great period film would—they tell an epic story in a few minutes and capture all of its life and death drama.

Explained Kenny Margolis, who played piano and accordion in DeVille's early s bands, "I don't think the American public had a chance to experience him because in America at that time you had MTV telling you what to like. Europe had not had MTV at that point and they were very open to different music. The song "Italian Shoes" was a hit in some European countries, [30] but some critics thought the album was overproduced.

Wrote Allmusic : "Its sound is steeped in mid-'80s studio gloss and compression that often overwhelms quality material. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The singer had completely immersed himself in New Orleans culture.

To my mind there were three main eras. Then it transmuted into the Mississippi plantation-gambler riverboat rogue, the Rhett Butler thing where he had had custom-made Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Loveand really got into the period and the clothes and just totally immersed himself in New Orleans, not the present New Orleans, but the New Orleans of the s and s—the Absinthe -drinking, voodoo New Orleans.

He totally immersed himself in that. Allmusic said about the album, "Simply put, no one has this range or depth in interpreting not only styles, but also the poetics of virtually any set of lyrics. DeVille makes everything he sings believable. His Casanova 70 - AIR - Discography five albums had been released first in Europe and picked up later, if they were picked up at all, by American record labels.

ByDeVille had cured his two-decades-long addiction to heroin. He said:. I got in a car accident because I got crazy. I think I was somewhat taunting death because somebody who I loved very much died. And I found them. That's what that lyric in that song means "she hurts me still since I cut her down" [from "Downside of Town" on Crow Jane Alley ].

I cut her down. Next thing you know the police show up, I was in tears I was in love with another woman and we were going through some hard times, and I Georg Danzer - Ollas Leiwaund in the car and I wanted to go off the cliff. I was in the mountains in New Mexico They came right around the corner head on. You know how big a Dodge Ram truck is?

I broke my arm in three places and my knee went into the dash board It was bone to bone I was on crutches and on a cane for about three years and I couldn't Druckstau S.Ü.D. - Fletcher Mundson Syndrom - Druckstau anywhere or do anything.

I was fucked up. I was ready for the scrapheap. DeVille's stay in the Southwest awakened his interest in his Native American heritage. On the cover of his next album, 's Acoustic Trio Live in Berlinrecorded to celebrate his 25 years' of performing, DeVille wore long hair.

He began wearing Native American clothing Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love jewelry on stage. The album continued his explorations of his Spanish-Americana sound and featured many prominent Los Angeles Latino musicians. On the cover, DeVille wore a Native American headdress and breastplate.

Richard Marcus said of the album, "Crow Jane Alley is the work of an artist who after thirty plus years in the business still has the ability to surprise and delight his listeners. Listening to this disc only confirms that Willy DeVille is one of the greats who have been ignored for too long. He continued touring Europe, usually playing music festivals in the summer.

Independent Music said about the album: " Willy DeVille has never been more artistically potent than on Pistolaconfronting the demons of his past with an impressive lyrical honesty and unexpectedly diverse musical imagination. They were married inand he adopted her son, Sean. Alex HalberstadtDoc Pomus 's biographer, wrote about Toots, "Half French and half Pima IndianToots favored a pair of nose ringssnow-white kabuki make-up and a Ronettes -style beehive the color of tar.

She'd once put out a lit Marlboro in Melancholy - Cyberwave - Fill In The Blank woman's eye just for staring at Willy. They lived near New Orleans and on a horse farm in Picayune, Mississippi. After her suicide inhe married Nina Lagerwall daughter of Sture Lagerwallhis third wife, who he met in New York in August They returned to New York City, where he spent the rest of his life.

In FebruaryDeVille was diagnosed with Hepatitis Cand in May of that year doctors discovered pancreatic cancer in the course of his Hepatitis C treatment.

About his legacy, DeVille told an interviewer, "I have a theory. I know that I'll sell much more records when I'm dead. Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love isn't very pleasant, but I have to get used to this idea.

Jack Nitzsche said that DeVille was the best singer he had ever worked with. Critic Robert Palmer wrote about him in"Mr. DeVille is a magnetic performer, but his macho stage presence camouflages an acute musical intelligence; his songs and arrangements are rich in ethnic Civil War - Die Schwarzen Schafe - 24 Years Of D.I.Y. and blues echoes, the most disparate stylistic references, yet they flow seamlessly and hang together solidly.

He embodies New York's tangle of cultural contradictions while making music that's both idiomatic, in the broadest sense, and utterly original.

Said Dylan, " DeVille stood Nowhere Road - Chris Youlden - Nowhere Road, his voice and presentation ought to Has Anybody Seen Love?

- Lisa McClendon - Soul Music gotten him in there by now. Critic Thom Jurek said about him, "His catalog is more diverse than virtually any other Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love performer.

The genre span of the songs he's written is staggering. From early rock and rhythm and blues styles, to Delta-styled blues, from Cajun music to New Orleans second line, from Latin-tinged folk to punky salseros, to elegant orchestral ballads—few people could write a love song like DeVille. He was the embodiment of rock and roll's romance, its theater, its style, its drama, camp, and danger. The songs he wrote were original, romantic and Its Only Love - Lucky Seven Featuring Mink De Ville* - Its Only Love from the heart.

The reason is simple: Like the very best rock and roll writers and performers in our history, he's one of the very few who got it right; he understood what made a three-minute song great, and why it mattered—because it mattered to him. He lived and died with the audience in his shows, and he gave them something to remember when they left the theater, because he meant every single word Moody Blue - Elvis Presley - The All Time Greatest Hits every song as he performed it.

Europeans like that. In this jingoistic age of American pride, perhaps we can revisit our own true love of rock and roll by discovering Willy DeVille for the first time—or, at the very least, remember him for what he really was: an American original.

The mythos and pathos in his songs, his voice, and his performances were born in these streets and cities and then given to the world who appreciated him much more than we did. Singer Peter Wolf of the J. He was just a tremendous talent; a true artist in the sense that he never compromised. He had a special vision and remained true to it. DeVille's eerie, edgy look and sound. While his punk-roadhouse fusion sailed over the heads of many at home, his approach inspired many British pop invaders of the s, including Tears for FearsHuman League and Culture Club He was a punk eclectic with a heart of golden oldies and Joe Cocker 's pipes.

A seedy sophisticate, Mr. DeVille was decades ahead of his time. I've been an admirer of Willy's since hearing his stunning voice on the radio for the first time. The songs he writes are original, often romantic and always straight from the heart. He can paint a character in a few words. When we worked on his Miracle album I enjoyed the occasional opportunity to offer a chord or two to go with his great lyrics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Willy DeVille. Main article: Mink DeVille. Retrieved 8—11— Politikens store rock leksikon in Danish 4th ed. Politikens Forlag. Dirty Linen No. I never fit in at school I was always looked upon as the weird. When I heard that voice, I said, 'Man I gotta sound like that. I went around saying 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm very happy that he has finally got the commercial success, because he has influenced so many people


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