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Sunday, May 1, Best Table in Hell Lot's of good ole Hardcore Punk Rock this week. Sunday, April 24, Best Table in Hell All over the place this week at BTiH. Including some Rap and Proto Punk goodness. Sunday, April 17, Best Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. in Hell Back to the usual BTiH. All over the place Punk Rock. Catch it on PoDunk Radio on Tueday nights Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

9pm est. Right after Tim Pop Live. Best Table in Hell 53 D. Wednesday, April 13, Best Table in Hell Next week I get back to the usual Punk, Skate, Hardcore Sunday, April 10, Best Table in Hell I had planned to do a Two hour show but my computer kept crashing.

Il Vous Reste Une Minute - Le Klub Des 7 - La Classe De Musique to get a new Terabyte Hard Drive.

Sunday, April 3, Best Table in Hell Make sure to catch Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. on PoDunkradio. Full of Shit e. In case you haven't heard. Tuesday night at 9PM est. Bunch of other great shows happening on there, Check it out.

Sunday, March 27, Best Table in Hell Sunday, March 20, Best Table in Hell Sunday, March 13, Best Table in Hell This week some Celtic Punk for Saint Pat's. Sunday, March 6, Best table in Hell The usual stuff from Mpls, and then all over the place for the Outro. Sunday, February 27, Best Table in Hell This week we are all over the place again. Sunday, February 20, Best Table in Hell As usual we're all over the place this week.

S Supreme Court on December, 20th,washed its hands of U. S Government responsibility when it stated: "We are satisfied Suicide Girls - Antagonist A.D. - Demo the Tribunal sentencing these prisoners is not a tribunal of the United States. Government participated in and endorsed an alien tribunal which does not accord to defendants the same rights which American defendants would receive before U.

K Thompson and Henry Strutz,M. Doenitz at Nuremberg: A re-Appraisal. Nuremberg was particularly profaned by the fact that the Russians were among the judges and themselves Notte A Copacagana - Marco Grasso - Cocktail of many crimes and atrocities.

Being a jurist myself, and a Christian, I abhor the justice of Nuremberg. Bishop Vincentas Brizgys, Bishop of Lithuania "I think the world expected us to give proof of American legal principles and judicial practice by using them when dealing with our defeated enemies. Instead of this, Gestapo and MVD methods were used. They were subjected to mock trials and pretended executions, they were told that their families would be deprived of their ration cards.

All these things were carried out with the approval of the Public Prosecutor to secure the psychological atmosphere necessary for the extortion of the required confessions.

If the United States lets such acts committed by a few people go unpunished, then the whole world can rightly criticize us severely and forever doubt the correctness of our motives and Ha Folyóvíz Volnék - Kolinda - Szerelem 1977-1997 moral integrity. S Military Tribunals, interrogators poised as priests to extract confessions. The American judge, Edward L. Van Roden, one of the three members of an American Army Commission set up to investigate claims of maltreatment found: "Posturing as priests to hear confessions and give absolution; torture with burning matches driven under the prisoners' fingernails; knocking out of teeth and breaking jaws; solitary confinement and near-starvation rations.

The statements which were admitted as evidence were obtained from men who had first been kept in solitary confinement for three, four, and five months. This was standard operation procedure with our American investigators. Such 'evidence' was then used against them - when they joined their superiors in the dock. The latter were told on the other hand that by 'confession', they would take all responsibility onto their own shoulders, thus shielding their men from trial.

In these, death sentences were passed, then offers of a 'reprieve' if he confessed. Sometimes a prisoner would be Alive - Various - Committed 2 Rock with being handed over to the Russians, his family deprived of their ration cards - or worse. H Rosenfeld upon whose rulings the admissibility was final, when asked about these sham trials replied: "Yes, of course.

We couldn't have made these birds talk otherwise. The presiding investigator scolded Einstein. Their condemnation was echoed by thousands of eminent statesmen, jurists, intellectuals, writers, journalists, ecclesiastics and educators.

InH. K Thompson, Jr, a Yale graduate in naval science and history with a background in military and maritime law came together with Henry Strutz, M. A, a linguist, university teacher and associate member of the U. Naval Institute. They marked the release of Grand Admiral Doenitz by beginning a project of contemporary and informed opinion on the validity or otherwise of the Nuremberg Trials. Those supporting the trials made up an insignificant minority and fell into three categories.

The compilers of Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal saw no reason to unnecessarily duplicate the many thousands of informed comment critical of the Nuremberg Trials. These in essence were repetitive. They preferred instead to provide a cross sampling of views whilst depositing the entire results of their research with the H.

June 9th "The truth of the matter is that no one of the victors was free Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. the guilt which its judges attributed to the vanquished. Nuremberg was, in fact, a lawyers' tribunal, although I can readily understand why the legal profession is ashamed to claim it, and deliberately stuck a false label on it.

Kennedy praised Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, Xonomorph - Tipo Van Scoop - Make A Move having the courage to publicly denounce the Nuremberg Trials and reveal them to have been held in, "a spirit of vengeance, and vengeance is seldom justice.

In these trials we have accepted the Russian idea of the purpose Silver Eagle - Rankarna & Mats Rådberg - Silver Eagle trials The Last Night - Dirty Three - Dirty Three government policy and not justice - with little relation to Anglo-Saxon heritage. Yarnell, U. N Commander-in-Chief, U.

Asiatic Fleet " Belknap, U. Atlantic Fleet "Not in accordance with justice. William Cosgrave, LL. D, President, Dail Eireann, "I could never accept the Nuremberg Trials as representing a fair and just procedure. Igor I. Sikorsky, Aircraft Designer "What we did in this case was to resort to private vengeance.

Admiral Doenitz and other leaders who were Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. should be recompensed for their treatment. John L. Gillin, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, University of Wisconsin "I have been boiling mad for years over the 'war crimes trials which I think were despicable and contemptible, and smack more of ancient Rome's barbarism than of a so-called civilized country.

Not only were the 'war crimes trials' one of the blackest spots on our recent black and Red history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August,via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution.

Senator William Langer "A monstrosity and a nameless injustice. B, Commander-in-Chief, British Atlantic Fleet "I regard the Nuremberg 'war crimes trials' as one of the worst reflections upon enlightened leadership in world affairs as ever has been known. The trials really were a disgrace upon all who participated therein. Michael Francis Doyle, LL. D, International lawyer, Papal Chamberlain "A most unfortunate and unjustified violation of international law.

Grant,U. Shafroth, U. They will haunt us always. Chaney, USAF ". Samuel T. Chambers, Professor of History, University of Baltimore " Francis Neilson, Author and historian "Aside from the horrendous demand for 'Unconditional Surrender,' certainly the most stupid error of America's World War Two policies was to sponsor and participate in the so-called Nuremberg Trials. Lawyer, U. Mullins, Jnr. Ball, U. Senator, Minnesota "The dangerous precedent set at Nuremberg must be removed.

Glenn Saxon, LL. Professor of Economics, Yale University "A barefaced hypocrisy. USA " Earle, LL. L "Unwarranted, unjust and illegal. Wood, USA "What's the difference between Nuremberg Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. chaining the captured vanquished to the chariot of the victor to be dragged around an arena to the plaudits of the victor's henchmen?

George Bell Timmerman, LL. American jurist. Stump, U. N "A disgrace upon America and should never have taken place. H Gipson, Sr. President, The Caxton Printers Ltd, Economist and author "Our government has set a precedent that can come back to plague it.

Editor, Arizona Daily Star "I can well remember, at the time of the Nuremberg Trials, my great uneasiness about the justice of placing senior, or indeed any officers, on trial for carrying out orders from higher Meditation #3 Shema - Michael Card - An Invitation To Awe. Clair Cameron, Royal Navy, C.

E "A grave mistake and illegal. Vaughan, U. Army Reserve ". Undoubtedly military leaders of the so-called allies, were just as guilty of the charges made against those who were tried. Bracken Lee, Governor, State of Utah "I consider that the trials have done an immeasurable amount of harm. Mulcahy of Ireland; Minister of Defence "I applaud and endorse this effort to call attention to the injustice of the Nuremberg 'war crimes trials and to Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

dangerous precedent set by them. Henry P. Fletcher, LL. Under Secretary of State "In my opinion, the trials of professional military men as for instance the Nuremberg Tumma - Värttinä - Iki remind of the barbarian days when prisoners-of-war were killed just because they had fought. Davis, U. N "I would like to say that I regard the 'war crimes trials' as a crime. John H. Holmes, D. Dahanayake, Prime Minister of Ceylon "This reminds us of the Dark Ages and proves that the spiritual development of our World lags far behind the miraculous materialistic progress.

Secretary General, Presidency of the Republic of Syria " Trapnell, U. N "There was no authorization or precedent in International Law for those trials and I consider the precedent set at that time to be most dangerous and an international disgrace.

Barner, U. D, Professor of History, University of California "The Nuremberg process in itself was not a judicial process, but an act of vengeance against the defeated. Nuremberg was particularly profaned by the fact that the Russians were among the judges and themselves guilty of crimes and atrocities Bishop Vincentas of Lithuania "The 'Military Tribunals' constituted by the allies to judge the military and civilian authorities of the vanquished country have no legal basis whatsoever.

Baade, USA "I believe that no sane person can approve what was done by the Nuremberg Tribunal, where all the norms of civilisation were violated. I regret my country had Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. to do with it. Anderson, U. N "For all such, forgive us. We were wrong. Reeves, Jr. N "A travesty of legality and violated the basic principles of justice which have been a treasured part of our heritage.

Kinkaid, U. Commander, Allied Forces, S. W Pacific "To me the Nuremberg Trials have always been totally inexcusable and a horrible travesty of justice. Theobald, U. Commander, North Pacific Force "I consider the War Trials as one of the most disgraceful manifestations of the post war hysteria.

Cruzen, Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. N, Commander, Naval Forces, Philippines, "I feel very strongly on the basic principles involved in 'war crimes trials' and the flagrant travesty on justice resulting from such hypocrisy.

Arnold, U. R "Of course the action against you was grossly unjust; and it is a sorry blot on my country's history. I'll only express one bit of satisfaction; - Despite some titles and uniforms worn by my own countrymen in the Nuremberg affair, none of them were really Military or Naval men. Hart, U. N, Commander-in-Chief, Asiatic Fleet, World War 11 "The war crimes trials was a reversion to the ancient practice of the savage extermination of a defeated enemy and particularly its leaders.

Kimmel, U. Fleet "To bring them to trial under post facto law, concocted to convict them, is a piece of hideous hypocrisy and humbug. C Fuller, C. British military historian and author "The war trials were a low level to which farce was connected. Henry W. Shoemaker, Litt. Colonel Military Intelligence. R "an illegal procedure and a 'barefaced hypocrisy'. I felt that way at the time of the trials and so stated.

Wheeler, U. Senator, Candidate for vice-presidency of United States " The criminal trials of military leaders in Germany at the close of World war 11 were not in accordance with international law nor supported by legal authorisation of any civilised country. Usher L. Member of Congress " Spruille Braden, Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. S Assistant Secretary of State "I have always regarded the Nuremberg Trials as a travesty upon justice and the farce was made even more noisome with Russia participating as one of the judges.

Professor of History "A political stunt. Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, "A libel on the military profession and barefaced hypocrisy. N "The war crimes trials were an abomination and will plague our people for centuries.

S World War 11 "I have been greatly shocked and disturbed by this international action. Under Secretary of State "I have a very long record of opposition to the holding of these trials. Lord Hankey, P. S Eliot. English poet and author "I have neither read nor followed the testimony concerned in the so-called 'War Crimes Trials' at Nuremberg because the entire procedure, in my opinion, became a nauseating farce through the participation of the Soviet 'judges'.

The presence of these minions of a barbarous and mediaeval autocracy elevated this disgraceful episode to the stratosphere of hypocrisy. James H. R Cromwell. Minister to Canada, "The precedent of the infamous Nuremberg trials constitutes an unparalleled blunder. Let us fervently hope that we have seen the last of such action. Morsell, S. N "I apologize to Admiral Doenitz and the German people for what, done then in our name without our approval or consent, has resulted in such injury to everybody involved.

Herbert C. Historian and author "I am wholly in agreement as to the hypocrisy and illegality of the Nuremberg Trials. The Nuremberg Trials set a dangerous precedent and must be exposed Oddie, D. Deputy Director R. F, World War II "The Nuremberg Trials were a disgrace to civilisation, and, as a teacher of young men and women, I have deeply regretted that my country joined in this outrageous action. Consultant to General Douglas MacArthur "There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that these trials were 'a libel on the military profession.

Tisdale, U. Commander, Destroyers, Pacific Fleet, World War 11 "An outrage against good morals, an absurdity in point of international law, and a deplorable error in policy. They set a precedent for what amounts to the legalised lynching of the leaders of the defeated side in any future war. As an American citizen, I apologise to Admiral Doenitz. Amoss, U. Deputy Chief of Staff, 9th Air Force, World War II "I consider the 'war crimes trials' in general and the trial of Admiral Doenitz in particular, Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

matter Stack Money - A-Wax & Gonzoe - Recession Proof mass hypocrisy resulting from a war-bred hangover. Stanton Merrill, U. N Commander, Cruiser Division " Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet and Portsmouth. B Dewar, C. Commanded H. They are the guilty ones, not the officers who obeyed their orders. Hellweg, U. N "It does not seem fair to me. I have always considered them as legalistic hocus-pocus to give semblance of respectability to barbarous vengeance inflicted Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

opponents who have merely done their duty on the losing side of a war. A primitive idea supposed to be in disrepute for some centuries. World War 11 " Flanagan, U. Commander, Transport Divisions, Pacific " P Gibsone, C.

Hanson, U. Bauernschmidt, S. This country owes to Grand Admiral Doenitz and to many other men at the least a humble apology for what we have caused them to suffer.

Let us hope that we have learned from these tragic mistakes a lesson we shall never forget, and that never again shall we repeat such conduct. He later testified as to the methods of Odds Of Even - Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor used which included legal farce, illegal, unfair and cruel torture methods and duress to secure confessions of guilt. Hugh G.

Grant, American Diplomat "I think those Nuremberg trials were the greatest mistake our government could have made and predict that the precedent set will Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

this country for hundreds of years. F World War 11 "The infamous 'war crimes trials' will undoubtedly cause the future inhabitants of this cockeyed planet to blush with embarrassment. Chief of Naval Operations, "I attended the Nuremberg Trials for several days as a Take Me Home - M.Ill.Ion - We, Ourselves & Us of one of the legal profession.

One cannot help getting the impression that the law was fabricated. Commander-in-Chief, Southern Command "The trials were not based on justice, precedent or international law. They have set a vicious precedent. DuBose, U. Commander, Cruiser Division. World war II "I was asked if I would sit on the Court which was assembled to try Field Marshall von Manstein aboutbut refused because I felt that the whole principle of these war crimes trials was wrong. Messervy, K. Commander-in-Chief, Malaya Command " Robinson, Jnr, U.

N "An ugly miscarriage of justice Moen, U. Twiss, K. They are merely boding more evil, and more severity for the leading victims after a war, and lower the prestige of the victors. Luigi Villari, Grand Officer of the Crown of Italy "It had no authorisation or precedent in international law, which has no punitive provisions. Snyder, U. Commander, Battleships, Pacific Fleet. Garrity, President, Devin-Adair Company. Publishers "As far as the 6th Armored Division was concerned in its days in front line contact, there was no atrocity problem.

Frankly, I was aghast, as were many of my contemporaries, when we learned of the proposed 'war crimes trials and the fact that military commanders were among the accused. Grow, USA. Commander, 6th Armored Division in Europe. World War II "I have always looked upon the 'war crimes trials' as an unlawful revengeful act rather than a court of justice. This week to celebrate 6 mos. Sunday, October 3, Best Table in Hell Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. week is all over the place.

Insane - No Slow All Go comp. Monday, September 27, Best Table in Hell Sunday, September 19, Best Table in Hell Monday, September 13, Best Table in Hell Episode 22, all over the place as usual. A little Noise, some crusty Hardcore, some Old School.

Best Table in Hell 22 Hanson Bros. Monday, September 6, Best Table in Hell This week has a bunch of old school stuff. Afflicted - Here Come the Cops - P. Friday, August 27, Best Table in Hell Just finished up This week has a lot of Mp3's that were sent to me by bands. Keep'em coming and I'll keep playing 'em. Sunday, August 22, Best Table in Hell All over the place again this week.

The camera panned away from the narrator and zoomed in onto Tom and Jerry Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. the sight of the school building as the narrator continued. As we all know, there's something wonderful that is bound to happen.

The scene dissolve into the sequence of a group of kids looking happily and laughing at the snow falling outside from inside the classroom. As the camera then zooms away before stopping, all the boys and girls drew little Christmas trees on their three windows before wiping them to Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. a clear view of the snowfall. Next, inside the classroom went the camera, we see the arm of the children's teacher as she tapped a ruler on the desk three times like a gavel, and then her full appearance before she spoke to the kids.

She was standing next to her desk with a globe and in front of her chalkboard at that time. The children turned around, jeering or groaning in disappointment as they head back to their seats. And while the teacher speak to them, Tom and Jerry climb up to one of their windows so they can oversee the class.

There's no need to be glum about this, for we are about to have something very special to do before we can go back to our winter vacation. The teacher: "I've hired Professor Hinkle, the magician, to entertain our class Christmas party. So, pay attention. Then a magician stepped in with a smile, clearing his throat, crunching fingers and looking professional, as the kids gave him a dry, but polite round of applause, and Tom and Jerry look on in confusion to see why the kids don't get to like him.

The man had his brown hair and mustache, and he wore his grey suit including his silk hat that had a pretty pink flower with a blue round center pinned on its larger black ribbon surrounding it, his rose-pink shirt underneath his coat, his black bowtie, his pair of white gloves and his pair of brown shoes, which each had a white section.

This man was Professor Hinkle, the same magician the teacher hired to perform in her class. The narrator: unseen: " Now, as you may see, Professor Hinkle was just about to be the worse magician in the world. However, when Professor Hinkle removes his hat while bowing to the children, many of his magic items fell out of the hat and onto the floor, much to his surprise, the teacher's and the children's. With non-stop panting, he quickly gathered each of the items together and placed them back into his hat.

They thought he was funny, and they quietly giggles to not let him, the children or their teacher overhear and find them outside the window where they are.

Of course, Jerry is indeed voiced by Stephanie Nadolny by his vocal effects and soon-to come speaking ability, but Tom's vocal effects are voiced by one of their two original creators, William Hanna. Back at Professor Hinkle, he soon recomposed himself before more of the classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background as he then tossed his hat in the air with his right hand and grabs it with his left hand, then uses his right hand Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

materialize three eggs. One anime swing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard when Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. quickly move his arm and hand holding the eggs over the hat. Professor Hinkle: "Abracadabra a coin to phrase. The eggs have turned into He turned his hat upside-down, but without him looking, two of the so-called "magic" eggs fell onto the floor and broke with cracking sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, releasing yellow yolks.

Professor Hinkle noticed and picked up a couple shells before dropping them. Then he pulls Allison Moorer - Down To Believing a handkerchief with Europa (Expanded) - Parralox - Megamix 2015 (File) anime sound effect from Fizz Sound Creation.

The grayish-blue cat and the brown mouse put their hands on their cheeks and shake their heads in disagree, with each of them sighing. The camera cuts back to the now-annoyed Professor Hinkle impatiently and suspiciously looking at the inside of his hat. More of Fizz Sound Creation's anime sound effects play in the background as he make his attempts to get his rabbit and mouse out of the hat. Professor Hinkle: disgusted: Bah! With sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye in the background, he angrily throws the Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

at the nearest trash can. But with each shot of the camera, the hat bounces on the trash can, just to come back. And when it hits the floor and flattens itself, it pops out two animals who are owned by Professor Hinkle. First, a white bunny with pink eyes and a red nose named Hocus Pocus leaps out the hat and went vibrating side to side before stopping.

The mouse then widen his arms with an open-mouth smile with his teeth not being seen, making his full appearance to reveal himself to be wearing an emerald green suit jacket with gold shirt underneath and a black necktie. His name is Nibbles, or Tuffy in some cases, How I Need You - Various - The 100th he is Jerry's nephew.

They gasped too. And while the children exclaim, the cat and mouse duo wonder what is Tuffy doing with Hocus, and how come he is working with a phony magician like Hinkle. The camera then takes us back to Tuffy and Hocus, who are busy talking to the kids that they didn't look up to see the hat that about to be falling back.

Tuffy's speech is interrupted when the hat lands on him and Hocus Pocus, covering them both, but showing Hocus' feet underneath in the process. Then suddenly, the hat-covered Hocus hopped everywhere around the classroom with squeak-like high-pitched bouncing sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye.

He bounced on Professor Hinkle's head with a grunt, and then jumps onto the teacher's desk, making her gasp in surprise or shock. The cat and mouse hid or ducked themselves to avoid being knocked off the window. And backside the classroom, with an even-more annoyed grunt, Professor Hinke tried to grab the hat in an effort to stop Hocus and Tuffy.

The camera then shows the hat with Hocus' legs, until the rabbit lifts it up a bit with his hands to unveil his head and look at his clumsy master.

Tuffy popped his head upside down, and he, too, saw Hinkle's discomfort on the floor. The children laughed at what was happening. And back outside the window, Tom and Jerry, having seen enough action, starts to laugh with their eyes closed, too. Suddenly, the Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. struck three as the school bell rang, meaning that the class' Christmas party has ended, and it is time for the kids to return home for the rest of their American winter break or Christmas holidays which will end on the weak where New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1.

The students were overjoyed to this, then they jump out of their desks and dash towards the doors, cheering happily. They run out so wildly, that they unknowingly carry Professor Hinkle along with them, while Tuffy and Hocus watch from underneath the hat. The washed-up magician fell out of view, and is unseen hitting floor with piano sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. Next, we saw Tuffy and Hocus, still underneath the silk hat, hopping toward the injured Professor Hinkle. Back outside the school, Tom and Jerry curiously watches from behind as they saw the children running out of the building and into the snow with laughter, wearing their winter coats.

Lots of anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background for these actions at that time. The camera then shows us three kids running together with each one following another. The first kid is a blonde-haired girl with a red coat, light-blue boots, and a white pair of mittens, scarf and set of ear muffs, and her name is Karen. The second child is a boy with brown hair, a caramel-brown sweater, a pair of dark green pants and dark brown shoes, and the third child in line is a little boy with his green winter coats, who wears his light-blue shoes like Karen.

Then a boy with gold-blonde hair, a black and blue sweater and caramel-green shoes appears, sledding next to the three kids. One by one, the kids are heard excitedly chattering indistinctly, but we only hear a few speaking rightfully.

Back to Tom and Jerry, after climbing back down to the ground, they dash away toward the gateway to exit the school yards, not wanting to disrupt the kids' favorite winter activities. Before they head back home, Stand By Me Beautiful Girl (Two Tracker) - Various - Commercial Collection 296 to the Staring Enterprises base in another town or a different city where Robyn and her father lives in a splendid house, they spare I Am A Disco Dancer (Disco Dancer) - Various - Beginners Guide To Bollywood Volume 2 last moment of observation to watch as the kids starts to creature their snowman.

Back at the school yard, the two boys rolled Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. giant snowball to Karen with one anime sliding sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. After nodding, Karen went off and then came back with a medium-sized snowball. With Tom and Jerry went the camera, they kept looking on as the children continue building a giant-adult-sized snowman. Then the camera cuts to a close-up at Karen holding a snowball next to the unfinished snowman's body.

She rolls the medium-sized snowball to the top of the large-sized snowball with two anime soft-thud sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. Turning her head to find a volunteer, Karen quickly notices Tom and Jerry still standing by the gateway, and with a cheerful face, she starts waving her hand.

Tom and Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. smiles with their mouths hanging open, and after closing them, agrees to help out. Tom carries Jerry on his shoulder, picks up the broomstick which he had recently used to sweep out dust from the inside of every building, and walks towards the children. He hands the broom to the blonde-haired boy, who grabs the it with one anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation.

The rest of the kids then look to Tom and Jerry as they stop working, and thought that if Tuffy and Hocus can talk, then they should ask the adult cat and the adult mouse if they, too, can speak. One of the kids, a girl with blonde Unstoppable Noisegrind Assault #2 - Kraftwærk 8000* / Rectal Leak - Split and a pink dress walks to Tom and Jerry, and smiles at them.

Looking at each other while remembering the narrator's remarks about them, Tom and Jerry nods to each other, meaning to decide it's finally time to talk, starting with their friendly introduction to the kids as they did to Puggsy and Frankie last summer. When Tom is the first to speak, his voice are already Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

from William Hanna's to Richard Kind's. Tom: Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. spoken: Well The camera cuts to a close-up at Jerry standing on Tom's shoulder with the cat's body areas and scarf as an shaded background or matte painting.

We're the adopted pets of our owners, Robyn Starling and her father, Mr. Gilbert Starling, at Starling Enterprises. Karen took Tom's hands and shakes them, before moving onto Jerry's hands. Karen: "I am, that's me!

It's our pleasure to meet you guys, too. Robyn Starling, that you both described to me and my friends, is actually my great, great, great cousin. Tom: "No, not me either. But speaking of cousins, Jerry, this remind us of the times we had with our own who almost looked completely like us. Tom: "We know George, a cat who is afraid of mice, and Muscles, a strong and tough mouse who can easily beat more than If You Get There Before I Do - Chuck Bradford - If You Get There Before I Do Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

cats. Isn't that right, Mouse? Jerry: "Right, Cat. When I first saw George, I thought he was you without realizing the difference between the two of you with the same fur colors.

And after discovering his fear of mice, I even thought it'd be fun to tease him, until you both pretend to fuse into a two-head cat and scare me back.

Tom: chuckles : "We did, Jer. To think he managed to get used to Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.either with or without my help. It feels kind of difficult for a mouse to tell a difference between one brave cat and one scared cat, but until last year, back before we were accidentally left behind by our owner and her housemaid Mammy Two Shoes.

Tom: "Or better yet, let the four of us respect each other, just like Robyn would want us to. After all, it's a new day, during this Christmas season. With that, Tom, Jerry and the children went back to work on building the snowman. A bit later, the cat, the mouse and the children had just about finished the whole body of a snowman with two arms and hands, with the right hand holding the broom, two legs and feet, a large round torso, two coal lumps for the eyes and a smile that may either be carved or drawn.

The orange-haired boy, who resembles the brown-haired boy, added the finishing touches by removing his red button from his orange sweater and puts it on the snowman's face for the nose. Tom and Jerry are delighted to see how perfect the snowman really is, with each of them giving a smile toward it. Next, we see the brown-haired boy starring at the snowman as seen by the camera behind the body. The camera cuts to being behind Karen and the two boys shaking their heads at Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

happy face of the snowman. Confused, Tom and Jerry looked at each other, then turned to the children. The next shot of this scene shows us a close-up at Karen thinking about one last suggested name for their snowman. Orange-haired Boy: "Yeah, Frosty it is! Frosty the Snowman! The children went cheering again.

At this time, the camera zooms away from that scene, and gives an nearly overview of the schoolyard, including the schoolhouse. Frosty the Snow But the kids' song got cut off, for the next scene, using the in-background sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, shows the school's doors bursting open, and hopping out of the building with more squeaky boings came Hocus Pocus inside the silk hat with Tuffy on top, and an angry Professor Hinkle chasing them.

The children turned around to see the commotion, gasping, and so did Tom and Jerry. Again, Tuffy is seen on top of the hat. Professor Hinkle: becoming nearly enraged even more Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. taking this insult: "I'm gonna get you! Tom and Jerry unexpectedly watched Professor Hinkle still in pursuit of the jumping hat with Hocus' legs. Then the cat and mouse duo notice Tuffy on top of the hat. The camera cuts to a close-up at the scene where the wind picked up the hat and blew it across the air and towards the children.

Tuffy hang on tight, screaming because of his strong-windy ride on the hat, as if it were a thrill ride at the fair or amusement park. Letting out another of his high-pitched scream-like gasps voiced by William Hanna, the man who along with Joseph Barbera, created him and Jerry, Tom catches the hat with an anime sound of grabbing by Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

Sound Muista Viedä Roskat! - Jukka Nousiainen - Huonoa Seuraa Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. his speaking voice by Richard Kind continues.

But unfortunately, Tom didn't notice that right behind him is a nearby block of ice. The camera cuts to a close-up at Tom's foot stepping on the ice block, and then to the cut as he slip on it before kicking it away.

When the camera cuts to a close-up at the snowman with the hat on his head, showing that something wonderful is happening to hin. With sparkling sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, a trail of star-like dust, or magic dust, appears to loop up around Frosty's head and the hat, changing his coal eyes into real eyes with blue pupils.

Those trailing sparkles also have mini snowflakes at this time, too. Frosty quickly turn his blue pupils to the unseen children, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, not noticing Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, and begins to talk in a Blood Moon - Dakosa - Blood Moon / So Long (File) manner with the magic dust and snowflake trails slowly fading at the same time.

Then the scene shows the children becoming surprised at this, that they gasped while Tuffy look back up to see what's going on. Then we cut Aranjuez - Pierre Cavalli - Guitar-Hits! a close-up at Tuffy as he went into the same expression as the kids. Next, we see Tom and Jerry staring at the newly transformed Frosty before Fucking Hostile - Pantera - History Of Hostility to have anime sweatdrops on their heads.

Back with Professor Hinkle went the camera, we see the magician picking himself and Hocus up from the ground and glaring at the rabbit with a furious moan.

But by then, he also sees Frosty as a living snowman. The camera cuts back to a close-up at Karen starring at the The Future Song - Vanessa Paradis - Vanessa Paradis Frosty and making her most magnificent remark how different he is.

Back to Frosty went the camera, he is now smiling and chuckling with his eyes and mouth closed until another wind comes above him. It blows the magic hat off Frosty's head, and this made him quickly opens his eyes with blue pupils in reaction with a surprised gasp and then freeze with a happy face, turning back to being a lifeless snowman with coal eyes; but this time, without the trail of magic dust and snowflakes from before.

We now see Tom and Jerry shockingly staring at Professor Hinkle in disbelief, and then looking at each other with angry faces. The camera cuts to a close-up sequence where Professor Hinkle is waving his left hand at the inside of the hat, looking forward to use it again, when the voice of Jerry is heard shouting angrily at him.

He look around to see if there's Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. else talking to him. Professor Hinkle finally looks down to see Jerry standing in front of Tom, glaring at the magician. Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. camera cuts to a close-up of Jerry from behind with Hinkle standing like he is towering over the brown mouse. At this time, Tuffy does the same to his uncle, but Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

that Jerry knows his nephew is not as bad as his master. Turning around to Tom, he jumps up to land on Tom's hand with another anime sound by Fizz Sound Creation, disappearing out of view. The camera cuts to Tom who then catches Jerry with Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

of his hands. We just saw you nearly threw it away in the trash can, through one of the windows! The camera switches to a full scene where Professor Hinkle glares back at Tom and Jerry with Hocus Pocus is looking up at him while staring at the cat and mouse. Professor Hinkle: " annoyed Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. Tom and Jerry: Don't speak to elders like me in such rude manners, you Professor Hinkle: " continuing I was only pretending to do so, and I have changed my mind.

Then Fizz Sound Creation does its anime sound parts as he uses his left hand to pick up Tuffy. Then the camera cuts back to a full sequence where two boys ran towards Professor Hinkle along with the orange-haired boy, stopping next to Tom and Jerry.

Brown-haired Boy: "But that cat and a mouse are right, professor, you can't just take that hat back now! Then Karen appeared next Tom and Jerry, walking towards Professor Hinkle and stopping next to the cat and mouse duo. But as the camera cuts back to a close-up at him, Professor Hinkle Je TAime Comme Ça - Charles Aznavour - Greatest Hits stubbornly with his pupils turned to Karen before shaking his head.

Hocus Pocus sticks his arms out and pops out of the hat, grunting. He then waves his crossed fingers at Professor Hinkle with his tsking. I can't lose my hat if it's got magic now. We then cut back to Karen, Tom, Jerry and the two boys standing and glaring at the unseen Hinkle. Karen: "But we saw Frosty come to life!

Now like Tom, Jerry and the kids, he is furious with Professor Hinkle's lies. The camera cuts behind Tuffy with the kids, Tom and Jerry being seen head. From that time, the cat and mouse duo are aware of what the baby or toddler mouse is saying to the unseen Professor Hinkle.

Professor Hinkle: " sneering at Tuffy: That does not concern you either, little Tuffy. Now hold your tongue! The next scene shows Tuffy and Hocus inside the hat with Professor Hinkle's pointing finger appearing and stopping in front of the little mouse. Proffesor Hinkle: Unseen: " One more foolish word out of you, and you will pay the one life-threatening consequence with a littler squeeze to your heart from my finger, understand?

Tuffy nods five times, thinking Professor Hinkle would not ever let him talk again. But this infuriated the unseen magician into pressing his finger on Tuffy's Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.pinning the gray mouse against Hocus's body and making him closed his eyes tight and showing his teeth, which means he is taking pain from the pressure.

Hocus was shocked with one anime sweat-drop as he sees Professor Hinkle is trying to crush Tuffy to death. Now un-finger me, please! Tuffy: " panting: I'm alright, Hocus. There's no damage to my body. Lucky my ribs didn't break, and my heart is not reduced to jelly.

Next, we see Tom and Jerry looking horrified with a few sweat drops on their furry heads to see how Professor Hinkle nearly injure or kill Tuffy. See that there isn't, unless you feel like dying for REAL.

The camera cuts to a close-up at Tom and Jerry who then looked at Professor Hinkle in both anger and disbelief, and then a close-up at Karen who tried to explain to Professor Hinkle once more. The ruder-than-ever Professor Hinkle makes the last Slow And Sexy (Original Mix) - Funkyloco - Locostyle magic egg " appear, bounce on the ground and land on top of his head without cracking.

He places the hat on his head and walks away to the town square, leaving Tom, Jerry and the kids alone with their non-living Frosty. The camera then cuts to Tom and Jerry becoming sad, not pleased with what they saw. With Tom and Jerry goes the camera, the brown mouse, who is standing on Tom's left shoulder, sighs sadly before turning his head to the children.

Starling's lawyer. The camera switches back to Tom and Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A. as they continue remembering until finishing their memory searching in their brains.

Tom: "They're both very greedy schemers with some unlimited thoughts of money, especially her father's trust fund money. But thank gratuitous, they're now arrested by Mr. Starling and his military forces, and then put in prison for life, that's for sure. Blonde-haired Boy: " gently: Aw, it's not your fault, guys.

The camera then cuts to a close-up at Jerry with an even more worried look on his face, and another anime sweat on his head. Jerry: "But did you guys see what he did, threatening to harm Tuffy for his disagreement with him? There's absolutely Untitled - Various - Creative Music Studio Archive Selections Vol.

1 way he can't do that to him. After all, he is my nephew, my sister Geraldine and his late husband's son. The camera cuts behind Jerry with yet another sweat on the back on the brown mouse's head, with Karen smiling and talking to him.

Karen: "We all did that, Jerry. And we know how you feel about him, just as much as he do. But he'll be fine, no matter what happens to him. The camera cuts to a close-up at the brown-haired boy shaking his head before looking back at the unseen Frosty in his non-living state. Next, the camera shows a close-up at Tom and Jerry frowning in agreement, and then helplessly watched the children, with sad faces, staring at the lifeless Frosty.

The camera zooms toward the lifeless Frosty as Karen hugs him with an soft anime thud sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. The camera cuts to a close-up at Frosty's happy face as it pans away from the lifeless snowman and zooms in toward the sky. Now in the sky, Honky Tonk Blues - Jack Scott - Way To Survive see falling snowflakes appearing again as the credits began, so did the narrator's theme song about Frosty.

Then the credits move on, the names of the cast members who play the characters of this film. Even the names of " Kathleen Barr " and " Seth MacFarlane " were the last to go before the main title of this film. The main title saying " Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman " is the last credit to be seen before the theme music ends.

After the credits in the sky, we dissolve to a scene with the narrator, a Jimmy Durante look-alike, somewhere in town, standing as he saw Professor Hinkle appear and look around to make sure nobody can get in his way. As Professor Hinkle started walking after tidying his bow, the narrator walked the way he was going, with the camera following.

From the distance, we see Professor Hinkle tipped his hat as he passed by a woman carrying presents before he placed the hat back on his head Feel Like A Little Love - Dave & Sugar* - Thats The Way Love Should Be continued on his way. The camera pans away from the narrator, zooms in on Professor Hinkle, and then switches to a closer view of the magic silk hat that gives Frosty life Hate & Rage - White Kaps - Blown In The U.S.A.

we hear Tuffy and Hocus whispering to each other. Hocus Pocus, a white rabbit who is Tuffy's boss, came out from under the hat, quickly snatched a nearby hanging wreath, placed it on Hinke's head. Then he and the unseen Tuffy quickly took off before their master could catch them.

Back to Hocus and Tuffy, they hopped very quickly, wearing the hat with only Hocus' legs sticking out with the camera following along.

The narrator: unseen: " Well, both Hocus and Tuffy raced back to Tom, Jerry and the children just as fast as they could. Butch saw the hat with Hocus' feet hopping, as he looked confused about seeing a hat that could have legs to walk, run or jump. The camera switches to the gateway entrance to the children's schoolyard, and Hocus and Tuffy, still inside the hat, appears re-entering the area, with Professor Hinkle's rabbit imitating the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

No time to say hello, goodbye. We're late, we're late, we're late. Next, we see Tom, Jerry and the children standing and staring at Frosty, who is still in his motionless form with his coal eyes and his smile when Tuffy and Hocus arrived and tried getting the gang's attention. As Hocus started hopping up and down behind Karen, Tuffy came out of the hat and called for the girl to turn around.

This time, he is no longer wearing his clothes for the magic show that is now rejected by the kids due to Hinkle's incompetence. Now, he wears his white diaper which made his usual appearance as a baby mouse with no shirt or pants, along with his winter hat, scarf, mittens and shoes that also matches the same color as the Emerald City in the Land of Oz.

On top of his normal appearance, his torso has a light-gray marking on it, the same mark as Jerry, Tom and other animals does. The rabbit whistles, then quickly hides himself back in the hat. The camera cuts behind the hat with Tom and Jerry turning around after hearing Hocus' whistle and finding it standing in front of them and their friends, much to their surprise. They smiled with joy before Tom called to Karen. The camera cuts to Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Karen and several of her classmates with the hat that is containing the hiding Hocus inside.

Karen, the girl who claims to be the cousin of Mr. Starlings' daughter Robyn, turns around and gasps in surprise when she, too, finds the hat with Tuffy standing next to it. With one anime grappling sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, he places her hand on the hat to pick it up.

Various classic anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Karen removed the hat from Hocus before he ran a bit further away to find a better spot to wait and see if Frosty will be coming to life for real; the moment that the rabbit did not witness due to being confronted by Professor Hinkle.

Tuffy runs up to Tom and Jerry and directs them to keep their distance by staying with the little diaper-wearing mouse. This time, it loop down from the hat, to Frosty's head, and to the rest of his body, turning him into a living snowman with real human eyes and blue pupils again.


Miss America - The Big Dish - Miss America, Heb Ik Ooit Gezegd - Various - Braveau Clouseau, All Of You - Victor Silvester And His Silver Strings - Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing, No Te Pienso Mirar - Various - The Placenta Family Tree Volume 11, Puedes Hacerlo Si Lo Intentas (You Can Make It If You Try) - The Rolling Stones - Los Rolling Stones, Trust Me - Sonny & Cher - Good Times (Original Movie Soundtrack), Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando, What Can I Do - Tee Set* - Ma Belle Amie, Patrick Swayze Is Dead - Tuesday Morning Wrestling - Allegedly, Showdown (Stripped Down Edit) - Lady B.* - Raw Disko EP, Daydream (Coldharbour Remix) - Markus Schulz - Amsterdam 08