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The Progressive Era touched nearly every facet of American life, including labor reform, increased government regulation, and expansion of democracy. Perhaps the most significant reflection of Progressive Era reforms comes from the Constitution. From toCongress passed four different amendments that changed the Constitution.

Byeach of the amendments was ratified by the states, fundamentally changing American life. Originally, income tax the amount of money the government takes from your salary was based on your state's population. Each year, the government determined how much money it needed to collect from the people, then looked at the total population of each state.

Let's say you come from New York. This system is called apportionment. It might sound reasonable, but in reality, this was a problem for many Americans. In states where agriculture was the main occupation, farmers often struggled to pay their taxes, especially when crops failed or prices dropped. The 16th Amendment did away with apportionment and created a direct income tax based on how much money each person makes each year.

The amendment was passed by Congress on July 2,and ratified on Feb. The 17th Amendment allowed Powder Your Face With Sunshine / - Palma Pascale - 67 Ragtime Piano Favorites the direct election of U.

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they were afraid of putting too much power in the hands of uneducated voters. To prevent this from happening, they created two houses of Congress. The House of Representatives was elected directly by the people, but the Senate was a different story. The electorate in each state voted for people to represent them in their state legislature their state's governmentand the state legislature was then responsible for electing that state's two senators.

During the Progressive Era, one of the biggest sticking points was government corruption, and the election of senators was not immune from this. If a state legislature couldn't agree on who to elect, some states might go months or even years without having senators. This meant the state was not actually represented in the federal government!

In other cases, political machinesor a small Alirio Díaz - Guitar Music Of Spain And Latin America of people that control politics by giving favors, took over state legislatures and picked their own candidates.

Thanks to the 17th Amendment, Americans were given the power Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant vote directly for the people who represented them in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The 17th Amendment was passed by Congress on May 13,and ratified by the states on April 8, The 18th Amendment created Prohibition in the United States.

Americans were not allowed to make, sell, or transport alcohol. This amendment was a reflection of the Temperance Movement in the United States that started in the early s. Groups like the Woman's Christian Temperance Union claimed that alcohol was the root of all evil in the United States; without it, the country wouldn't have to worry about crime, violence, immorality, or corruption.

Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant reality, the 18th Amendment passed on Dec. The 18th Amendment was repealed on Dec. The 19th Amendment was the last amendment passed during the Progressive Era and gave women the right to vote. The women's suffrage movement got its start in the s with the Seneca Falls Convention led by suffragists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.

Unfortunately, women's suffrage fell by the wayside as abolition and the Civil War gained momentum and, according to some, took priority. After the Civil War, the 15th Amendment gave all citizens the Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant to vote; however, at the time, women were not considered to be citizens.

The women's right to vote became one of the biggest sticking points during the Progressive Era. Despite the popular belief that a woman's place was in the home and voting would upset the natural order, countless women protested, picketed, boycotted, Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistantand demonstrated to have their voices heard.

Retrieved 20 July Popular Music in America, Schirmer, p. All music guide to electronica: the definitive guide to electronic music. Backbeat Books. Retrieved 20 April Decoded Magazine. Retrieved 20 December Rave America: New School Dancesscapes.

ECW Press. Retrieved 21 April Insomniac Holdings. Retrieved 20 November Regressive steps in regard to ESCR are in contradiction to the progressive realization principle and constitute a violation of these rights-unless if they have been duly justified and weighted against the enjoyment of other A Church, A Courtroom And Then Goodbye - Patsy Cline - Walkin Dreams - Her First Recordings, Vol.

1. Regressive steps include all of those acts, of omission or of commission on the part of the state, which deprive people of rights that they used to enjoy. States should refrain from cutting subsidies for essential goods such as food, water and energy if they will cause undue hardship on people.

Reducing spending on education, health care or other social services are a violation of ESCR unless the state can prove that they do not have the necessary resources.

The music was dubbed "progressive" because it drew upon the influence of Giorgio Moroder 's Euro disco rather than the disco inspired by the symphonic Philadelphia sound. According to Simon Reynolds, the "'progressive' seemed to signify not just its anti-cheese, nongirly credentials, but its severing of house's roots from gay black disco. Reynolds posited that "the truly progressive edge in electronic music involves doing things that can't be physically achieved by human beings manipulating instruments in real-time.

Above all, it's a sign of impending musical debility, creeping self-importance, and the hemorrhaging away of Shout - Sylvain Luc - Standards. In the mid s, the Lowercase movement, a reductive approach towards new digital technologies, was spearheaded by a number of so-called "progressive electronica" artists.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PATT (Party All The Time) (Original) - Sharam* - PATT (Party All The Time) from Progressive electronic dance music. For other uses, see Progressive music disambiguation.

For other uses, see Progressive jazz disambiguation. See also: BebopCool jazzand Third stream. Main articles: Progressive pop and Progressive rock. See also: Art rockArt popand New Pop. Further information: Experimental pop and Experimental rock. See also: Acid rockProto-progand Psychedelic rock. Up until the Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant s, individual idiolects always operated within particular styles.

What was so revolutionary about this post- hippie music that came to be called 'progressive' Main article: Post-progressive. See also: Post-punk and New wave. As early as the s, artists attempted Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant cultivate ideas of "symphonic jazz", taking it Definition Of Love - Various - House Progressive Resistant from its perceived vernacular and black American roots.

These developments succeeded in the respect that many people today no longer consider certain forms of jazz as popular music. History and Etymology for deterioration see deteriorate.

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