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Download Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day

Well the drifter, He holds on to his youth just like it was money in the bank. And "Lord knows, I can't change" sounds better in the song than it does with hell to pay.

I might as well of slipped that ring on your finger from a window of a van Single Again - Spearmint - A Different Lifetime (Vinyl, Album) it drove away. Dreams are given to you when you're young enough to dream them before they can do you any harm.

They don't start to hurt, until you try to hold on to them after seeing how they really are. She used to dream them with me, every single crazy one, until they started hurting her too, now she's got some of her own and outgrowing me, might be the best thing for her she's ever done. A light that shines as bright as hers can't be kept in the shadows for too Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day. A Felicidade - Claudine Longet - Claudine heart that wants to live and a soul that wants to give can't Presto - Joseph Haydn, Philharmonia Hungarica, Antal Dorati - Haydn, The Symphonies, Symphonies 57 - sit at home alone.

Lord, she's give me everything and never wanted anything I couldn't give. Just what was inside of me. And now she's found herself, and I lost mine and I'm just another guy who can't give her anything.

Way you look at me like that, something's got to give pretty soon Throw it on a camel's back, something's got to give pretty soon Living hard to chase Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day dream, way beyond our ways and means Yours don't mean a goddamn thing. That's what you said, but, don't believe it. That shattered look upon your face, something's got to give pretty soon. Swallow, but can't stand the taste, bark at the wind, chase the moon Living fast and drinking lots.

List of things we haven't got. Tired of life with the have-nots That's what you said and I believe it. Maybe what you need's for someone to send you flowers Someone strong and mean who can prove he has the power to show you more than charm and take you on your way to Kohti Kesää Kohisten - Tina Pettersson - Tahdonvoimaa you want to be at the end of the day and it breaks my heart in two to know it ain't meant to be but, it ain't me.

It ain't me. And you say it's these things I do, about me that's attracted you so if I started doing something else, what would we have left. And you say you just want compromise, then act so different all the time.

These reasons why you said goodbye, just another way of telling lies. Something's got to give, got to give pretty soon or else we're gonna lose the very things that made it bloom Sitting in silence in a cold and lonely room while the world goes on around us Something's got to give, got to give pretty soon or else we're gonna hate each other and that would be the saddest thing I ever seen.

I know your Daddy hates me and I got a room in hell reserved. I know he wants to kill me Ill Be There - Walter Egan - Wild Exhibitions it's the least that I deserve But I always loved your Daddy, that's something that I know you know. Just sometimes don't do what I ought to, sometimes I yes when I should no. I know your Daddy hates me and I drink more than a whale but my failures ain't for lack of trying it's just a little too late now to prevail.

You always knew I was a screw up, long before I screwed us up. You just said it endeared you to me, but in the end you just gave Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day And I always loved your Daddy, I loved your Mama even more And I always loved their daughter, that's for sure. I know your Daddy hates me, I know I'd probably hate me too. Listen while you read! Add Comment. A Blessing And A Curse 6. A World Of Hurt 7.

Aftermath USA 8. Angels and Fuselage 9. Birmingham Box of Spiders Bulldozers and Dirt Buttholeville Careless Carl Perkins' Cadillac Cassie's Brother Isbell wrote the song just three days after joining the band while touring in support of Southern Rock Opera. Isbell's "Outfit" Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day the advice given to him by his own father, advising him, among other things, to have fun Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day to avoid intravenous drugsto call home for his sister's birthday, not to sing in a "fake British accent " or to make The Beatles' faux pas and claim to be "bigger than Jesus ".

This somewhat cryptic title is actually Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day of a tongue-in-cheek expression -- "The closer kin, the deeper in. Isbell plays electric mandolin through an Ampeg Gemini amp. Having been brought to the attention of many critics through Careless - Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day success of Southern Rock OperaDecoration Day was eagerly anticipated and, upon its arrival, very well received. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Decoration Day disambiguation. Drive-By Truckers. The Deeper In. Drive-By Truckers. Sink Hole. Hell No, I Ain't Happy. Marry Me. My Sweet Annette.

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