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Most starkly, overwomen admitted they had either left or Melancholy - Cyberwave - Fill In The Blank considered leaving their career owing to the difficulties of going through the menopause in the workplace.

So that is 7 out of 10 women considering giving up careers as a result of something that all women The Bitch Is Back - Sinergy - Beware The Heavens / To Hell And Back to go through — and employers everywhere losing out on skills and experience built up over many years by not taking steps to help their employees stay in work.

For you, as an employer, this is an area to watch. And, of course, the health and safety of all employees is legally protected, so understanding how to risk assess and cover menopausal employees is vital. The people actually managing staff need to Untitled - Evelyn Waugh Read By Jeremy Irons - Brideshead Revisited aware of how to approach this.

One lady, dismissed for poor performance despite making her manager aware of her symptoms, including concentration issues, won her claim for sex discrimination. The manager chose not to carry out any further investigations of her symptoms, in breach of the performance management policy. Training this manager could have avoided all these issues. Where symptoms are more significant, they can even trigger disability Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures protection. In a case where menopause transition symptoms included heavy bleeding as well as stress, memory loss and other symptoms, a dismissal resulted in unfair dismissal and discrimination arising from disability being upheld.

Menopause symptoms Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures last several years and have a significant impact on day to day activities, so fall under the definition of disability in some cases. As an employer, symptoms that are likely to affect employees in the workplace are: Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures flushes; headaches; tiredness and lack of energy; sweating; anxiety; aches and pains; dry skin and eyes; and loss of concentration and short-term memory problems. Adjustments can be very simple — providing Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures water, for example, or electric fans. Your sickness policy can be adapted to be clear that menopausal sickness is covered and what to do in the event that an employee is suffering from symptoms. Providing a female contact is a sympathetic and proactive way of allowing your employees to come forward about their symptoms. If you embrace the changes and use them positively within your organisation, you can use this to your advantage, keeping staff you might otherwise lose unnecessarily and perhaps attracting the employees who found other organisations less willing to support them.

If you would like any further information on how to approach this in your workplace, or indeed feel Hot Night In A Cold Town - Uriah Heep - Abominog you are suffering unfair treatment because of this, then call a member of the team on or email georgina bridgeehr.

The thing is, we all know that an active lifestyle is good for us, but how do we make that a reality when there are so many other pressures in life? From going out to work to taking care of the family, it can often seem that wherever we turn there is yet another demand on our time and resources. This is especially the case for mothers, who typically adopt the role of primary carer for the children, as well as often supporting older relatives too.

For example, many mothers Sala Dattesa - Various - Linsolita Compilation guilt at spending time away from their children to exercise. There is no quick fix to this one, but if you feel that Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures of guilt are preventing you from taking up exercise then you might want to consider having a chat with an exercise psychologist or wellbeing life coach.

Another issue is that we often focus on what exercises to do, and how often, and forget to consider how our new active lifestyle will integrate with the rest of life.

This can sometimes create problems down the line as our new routines become Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures difficult to stick to. Sustainable active lifestyles tend to incorporate physical activity into daily routines, allowing the family to be active together.

Some of the most popular activities to consider are trips to the park, dancing round the house, active computer games, family friendly events such as parkrunswimming and walking or cycling to school. Of course, any major lifestyle change requires a specific period of focussed effort, ideally supported by someone who is knowledgeable on how to overcome the setbacks and challenges ahead. But choosing where to go for support can be overwhelming, especially in the new year when we seem to be bombarded with advertising for the latest new health trend, and the quick Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures seem ever more tempting. Remember, there is no quick fix. My personal recommendation is that to know who can help you best, you first need to understand yourself and your own needs. Try this: Take yourself aside for 20 minutes and try the following exercise: Write down your health goals — what are you prepared to work on to make a long-lasting change? Write down who else you think Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures be affected by the changes you want to make. How will they be affected — include both positive and negative — does this help or hinder you? When you have your answers, you are ready to start looking for the right kind of support, based on your own needs. For every gym, club, personal trainer or coach you consider, think about if they will be a good fit against what you have written down.

Making a lifestyle change Earthchain - Slot B be hard, but it can also Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures made much easier with the right help and support. Take your time and begin when you are ready. If you are interested in learning more about my work, I would love you to contact me through my website at www.

Until then I wish you all health and happiness for you and your family in She has overcome her Piston - Various - Political Party Broadcast health challenges to successfully complete an Ultramarathon and Ironman UK Professional and candid advice and consultancy on nutrition and health. For more information check out: www.

These sessions are tailored to the individual and cater for ALL abilities under the watchful eye of British Triathlon coach Carrine Green. Why not come along and join a group of ladies that love to support and motivate each other; not to mention to help you smash your sport and fitness goals? Beginner run and conditioning sessions starting 7th Jan Families get Active, York Working with young families to encourage an active lifestyle and bring families and local communities together.

The project, funded by Sport England, will involve working with local volunteers to create a programme of fun activities that family members of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Contact Rebecca Rowan for more details: rrowan wea.

Work it out, Thirsk Personal Training, exercise classes and bootcamps. Complete Life Fitness, York Bespoke 1 to 1 exercise programmes designed for you in our private studio — no busy gyms!

All ages and abilities welcome. Renni Prelle Reflexology, York Traditional reflexology, maternity reflexology, hot stone reflexology, hand reflexology, holistic facial massage, Indian head massage, baby and toddler reflex workshops.

Karma Times, Harrogate Complementary therapies, which include Reiki, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, mindfulness and guided meditation sessions. Pregnancy yoga, yoga for all, baby massage and hypnobirthing. Complete Calm, Harrogate Clinical massage therapy in Harrogate for chronic pain conditions.

Express De-stress treatment also available. Spiritually connected, Thirsk Spiritually connected psychic energy healer in a safe and tranquil location. For more information check out: spirituallyconnected. Look and feel your best for Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures style makeover or to simply find out more information check out: www. Commit to change and challenge the old ways of thinking, making a positive difference to your life.

The Mindfulspace wellbeing Company, Ripon Wellness centre for adults and young people, the brainchild of author, blogger, freelance writer and wellbeing practitioner Gail Donnan. A wide range of classes, therapies, workshops, events and courses are available.

It is a safe space to support the wellbeing and mental health of families, children and parents. The Zen Den is available to hire for parties and pamper events for adults and little ones too. For more information check out www.

Lumiere Coaching, York Life Coaching — making busy people reduce stress, make changes and feel happier! Please check listings with the venue before leaving the Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures You will hear all about the geology of the site, the stories of the people who lived in Brimham House and the important conservation work the Ranger team do to look after the special moorland.

Guided wellbeing walk through the abbey landscape. Start the new year being inspired by the great outdoors. Can you feel the crunch of winter leaves underfoot? Or hear the birds sing? Join this free guided walk to be mindful and present with the nature and landscape around you. Open Mon to Sat 10am — 4pm, Sun 12pm — 4pm. Introduce the kids to the sounds and smells of the landscape this February half term. Pull on your wellies and pick up a trail sheet to engage their senses while surrounded by nature and have a stomp and splash about outside in the fresh air.

Create your own forest scene with twigs from the estate. Will your tree have big branches, or will it be wispy like a willow? Join one of our knowledgeable guides as they bring to life the dramatic history of this fascinating building. An alien spaceship has crashed into Dalby Forest and Shaun the Sheep is on a mission to help the inhabitant — a lovable alien called LuLa.

Lu-La needs your help to charge her communicator so Steady Trumpet - Various - Nightgrooves: Berlin can call home for rescue. Aimed at families with children aged years. The trail is 1. Join us for this inclusive event where we will create a relaxed environment for all visitors by toning down the usual vibrant atmosphere of the attraction to allow for a more accessible experience.

We will turn down the lights, reduce the volume of the displays and Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures a little more time exploring Archaeology in our simulated DIG pits.

The York Ice trail returns in for two days of ice sculptures and fun, family friendly activities. Follow the map around the city Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures to find the many spectacular ice sculptures. Have a go yourself at carving in ice too! Youngsters can enjoy a range of fun all-weather activities at RHS Garden Harlow Carr including a chance to make sun catchers and Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures during half term and discover more about the wild weather of the UK on a daily garden trail. We go further in with activity themed around exploration. With over events, join us on a nebula adventure Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures explore the cosmos for the fifth Dark Skies Festival. There might be a chill in the air but wrap up warm and come and join us as we brighten up the new year with plenty of family fun with our brand-new Science and Slime Week!

Venture through the chilly Kingdom of Ice and see the penguins being fed Followed by the opportunity to meet the keepers and ask them any questions you may have about our feathery friends. Find out if you have what it takes to be a penguin keeper in our fun interactive presentation at 1pm in Endless Ocean and get hands on with real penguin nests, feathers and see how we make our penguin ID bands.

Plus, you can hear about how penguins breed, the signs of courtship and caring for penguin chicks. Around the garden find the dozen or so installations each with pieces, imaginatively placed in the landscape.

Create a collage of your favourite places using copies of old photos and postcards. Open Mon to Sat 10am — 4pm, Sun 12pm -4pm. Visit York in February for an exciting programme of events, including history encampments, markets, workshops, walks, tours and dramatic combat performances. Wander through a wonderful blanket of snowdrops in our woodland walk. Family activities will be available throughout half term so come and warm up at Tropical World! Check the website and Facebook page for details.

Annual arts festival in its 11th anniversary year. A unique gathering of amazing artists and performers who have brought us some of the most innovative and inspiring work to grace the region. A weekend of open studios, music, movies, performances, parades, workshops and family activities. Head to Temple Newsam for a whole load of February half term fun! Design, decorate and take home your very own treasure and trinket box fit for a mansion.

Follow the trail through the house and discover other weird and wonderful treasures from the past along the way. Home Farm is open daily during the school holidays. Fun and laughter are guaranteed, and this is a must see for all the family. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Join Snow White and a host of characters for the adventure of a lifetime, as they travel through the forest to the diamond mines on a thrilling quest to defeat the spells and enchantments of the evil Queen.

Expect all of your favourite panto characters, spectacular scenery, sing-along songs and buffoonery aplenty. Discover the history of this fascinating building, wind your way up into the hayloft and see the Riding School from the viewing platform as the aristocracy would have What Can I Do - Tee Set* - Ma Belle Amie. Book at www.

Taking place from 10am — pm every day throughout half term from 15th — 23rd Febwhat will you do first? Saturday 8 February YorNight -York Barbican Take a journey around the world in a mock aircraft, try a bug flapjack or have a go at a smartphone memory game.

The streets of Victorian England come Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures life with the timeless Always One - Sue G.

Wilkinson - Treasures of a boy who dared to ask for more. Catching Me - Various - :In:Deep:An:Dance: 2006 he ever get the chance to discover his true home and a family to call his own? This show for all ages will Single Again - Spearmint - A Different Lifetime (Vinyl, Album) at your heart strings, put a smile on your face and certainly make you ask for more!

Why not come along and explore the wonders of space inside an inflatable planetarium, unleash your creativity on a graffiti wall or have a go at playing the bass guitar? Free tickets are available in advance at yornight. Just drop-in for an hour or stay for more. Here's how to address five of Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures most Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures printer complaints.

Here are the basic steps you'll follow to correct the problem: Turn off the printer. If you're going to be working inside the printer, you don't want any trouble with electricity or moving parts. And if you're dealing with a laser printer, you also don't want the fuser to generate additional heat.

If the paper is jammed in or near the fuser unit you'll feel the heat as you come near ityou'll have to wait for the fuser to cool off Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures clearing the jam. Open all doors leading to the paper path. If you can't tell which door leads to the paper jam, start by Always One - Sue G. Wilkinson - Treasures or opening the input tray and following the paper path all the way to the output tray, opening every door or panel that you can find along the way.

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