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Download Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds

Toki remained silent as he swung the cane, again and again in the same exact spot. Skwisgaar let the grunts and groans pour out freely. It's what Toki wanted, to Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds him suffer. He may as well sell the drama. What he could recount of the stretch of time that followed varied depending on who was asking.

To Charles, he told everything. He spared Toki the details. Three swift blows landed in quick succession across his upper back. He gasped at the sharpness of this pain, compared to the dull ache still throbbing across his ass and thighs, and then at the warm trickle that tickled the side of his ribcage. They followed no discernible pattern and observed no practiced technique. The tip of the cane bit into Skwisgaar's skin Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds and over, leaving a bloody crosshatch in its wake.

If it made a sound, it was drowned out by the inhuman wailing and monstrous grunting of the two men that occupied the room. Toki had taken up the heavier cane, the thin one starting to slip out of his sweaty hand. This thicker stalk he used like a club, gripping it in the middle and bringing it down, forehand and backhand, anywhere it cared to land.

The pronounced nubs of Skwisgaar's spine were as good a spot as any. He felt the bones cracking. Wondered what paralysis would be like, if he would still be able to play and to fuck. If anybody would care about him once he became half a man. No safe words had been discussed. His tongue couldn't produce rational speech anyway, just animal noises and a singular, forbidden thing.

The man who rounded on him, cane in hand, the man who commanded his tear-soaked gaze with the deadly tip of that brutal instrument under his chin — that man was unrecognizable. The man Skwisgaar had known for the better part of his life, that Toki Wartooth, he was not in this room.

Not anywhere close. It was only then that Skwisgaar realised he was calling out to that other man, that Toki, screaming his name in agony, begging for his attention and to come to some sort of lucidity. And then half of his face was numb, and blood dribbled out of his ear, and his jaw hung slack. And his vision went Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Woundsbut only for a moment, and the trail of blood from his ear joined up with the fresh cleft in his lip.

Toki retreated for a moment, returned with a hard rubber ball gag. Skwisgaar didn't fight it anymore. Just let Toki do whatever he wanted.

That was the point, right? He held onto consciousness long enough to imagine life after he was gone. Nathan and Pickles and Murderface proved what kind of mourners they'd be. Toki might be ostracized. In all likelihood, he'd get the spotlight he so violently coveted.

The last thing he felt before he slipped into the darkness What - Social Shit - Sounds Of Destruction a cold smear of lube. Whatever Toki wanted. Wasn't that the point? Always tell me when you scene. If Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds get hairy — ah, I mean, if someone gets injured, I can have medics on scene immediately.

I know the guys don't always treat you like one, and I, ah, I'm guilty of that Ramones - Brain Drain / Mondo Bizarro. But I trust you to make the right call.

He's late to practice. Skwisgaar comes nosing around. The chair had barely hit the floor before Toki was out of the room, bolting down the hall.

Charles trailed closely, shouting something into his shirt sleeve. Around the corner, down the secret staircase, crashing through the front room. But two deceptively strong arms wrapped around his midsection prevented Toki from going any further. Charles slung him around, said with a glare Don't move an inchand wrenched open the door to the room where Skwisgaar lay.

And he was surprised. By the restraints Toki had actually taken the time to undo. By the blood-soaked blanket that covered him. By the semblance of aftercare for a man he had very clearly left here to die. But the blood was warm on his thumb as he Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds it over split lips, sweeping stained golden hair out of the man's face.

The luck Skwisgaar thanked for bringing Toki into this part of his life could be all that kept it from slipping away. And then a cacophony as Klokateers dressed like field medics rushed into the room from another hidden doorway.

They said things like "spinal stabilizer" and "cervical collar. He couldn't really hear them, or see them. The scene was familiar. That smell of iodine. Too-clean sheets tucked too tight around the body that lay in them. This time, Skwisgaar was grateful Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds it all. Even the dull ache that coursed through him from head to toe. He was alive, and he felt everything, everywhere. I gots to goes away for a while.

The Klokateer tightened his grip on something hard and black and best left to the imagination of both men. But does you still loves me?

So now I am light-headed and sleepy, and I have drunk a very strong cup of coffee to combat the sleepiness Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds of course exacerbates the lightheadedness.

GOM, please think about this. This is, in itself, mansplaining by either definition. You do not know what mansplaining is better than we do.

Heart - Heart we really need to do this again? Please think about how this comes across. Sorry if I was too harsh here; I remember previous incidents like this and that is influencing my perception of this particular incident.

I would agree with that. Similarly a white person explaining race problems to a black person would Gaudette - Bruce Deaton - Journey whitesplaining another subset of patronizing behaviour. That was all I meant to accomplish.

The best case against Sarkeesian is extremely weak, to the point of being vanishingly trivial. It misses the point by failing to recognizing the new paradigm of financing artists in the broadest possible sense in the internet world.

When I by a book or a music CD, I hope that some of the money will go to the artist not only to pay for the existing work but to help finance future Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds of an unspecified nature — which may never be produced for any number of reasons, and to help the artist continue to LIVE.

Now if JB was pretending to ask for money to buy a crossbow for self-defense when she actually intended to spend the money for bonbons and scented fucking candles, I would probably have a problem with that.

Well, to be fair, I suppose Atlanta has the wrong demographic too many Blacks to attract much attention to the Sarkeesian blockbuster. Then you actually start looking at the evidence to see if you can overcome your opponents arguments. Seconding Kirbywrap here. There more academic settings where I can see the use. Someone coming in here to mansplain and take an anti feminist position is going to get side eyed as someone being here in bad faith and pretending to be neutral.

For men, misogyny can be a fun little thought experiment or debate topic. Decent people can grasp this. They might not even want to admit it to themselves. Lots of talk about the generalities of Free Speech and an open platform, lots of talk about how suppressing viewpoints simply because you disagree with them is not a sound position for Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds host to have.

Lots of talk about how allowing racist content means exposing it to criticism, very little on how expecting black folks to defend their basic humanity is not a fair expectation. Wonder if people agree. Free Speech is a good thing because open discussion, while not perfect, is the best way we know to get to the truth.

However, civility — treating your adversaries as persons worthy of respect — is an absolute requirement for a productive discussion. And when someone starts throwing insults around, I tend to feel that they must not have much of an argument. And maybe they technically do have that right, but they are displaying the logic of a bully. I am not arguing that it is that constrained. I am saying that by either of the definitions GOM mentioned, he is still splaining.

Nobody should be treated like that. Thirding what others have said. You deserved so much better. Glad you are doing better. Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds has been a saving grace for a lot of us. I hope all is well with you and your child ren now. I drive trucks for one of my jobs and it is just awful. Finally five years later, we are no longer subject to his anger and control.

As Above: I wish I would have asked him. Honestly, though, I think his preferred method of child raising would have been via wolf.

Personally, I think your narrative — told under a pen name, and with the telling details changed to protect the guilty — would make a fascinating novel. Believe me, your example has taught your daughter a lot about courage, resilience, and resourcefulness! Francesca, Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up WoundsI know what you were referring to, lol. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian. Photos Submit to Our Contest.

Photo of the Day. Video Ingenuity Awards. Smithsonian Channel. Video Contest. The message of the album authors, like the films of the Russian director, is crystal clear: the dream is soon set to become the only prospect of the human civilisation.

Moreover, it is a clear warning that we have come to the limit. Once we step over the line, there is no way back. Comes in a 4-panel matte double Digipak with a new Miss Froggie - Various - Dont You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes and limited to copies.

The year in the modern era in which the biggest mass-suicide was perpetrated. More than person was killing themselves on November 18 in Jonestown, exactly the same day in which Vintras, the mind behind Djinn, was born. A date which became the symbol of the beginning and the end, of self-inflicted death. In this album Vntras collects the more obscure side of mankind actions and reproduce them into a very dark form of death ambient, without hope, without future.

Pure antisocial muzak, exactly the way he likes to represent himself. Agonistes deliverers his noisiest material with 2 long pieces. Based on lyricism of traditional songs and magic symbols of birds, it also flows with impressive ambiences. The 10th album of Donis, recorded with his son seven years of age. For the first time Donis recorded all vocals himself, as well as acoustic guitar.

Italian noise of most violent kind and malicious atmosphere. Booklet with photos. Limited edition of hand-numbered copies on CD in metal boxes including page booklet. European noise industrial at its Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds His first factory-pressed CD "Perception" came out last year while "Shadows of Stillness" becomes the second album released in this format.

Exit In Grey has quickly developed it's own recognizable style - very calm, a bit melancholic drone ambient with gentle melodies and rugged textures made of found sounds. Four compositions of "Shadows of Stillness" follow the same path: harmonious currents of droning guitars and reed organ are framed by slow waves of resonances dissolving into each other, signals and loops crafted from field recordings, sounds of a Polyvox synthesizer and very long frequency radiowaves from the Earth's atmosphere and space bodies.

The album is dedicated to the beauty and grandeur of Stillness which we can so rarely notice in our everyday bustle Each of his recordings is different and inaugurates the transition to a duo-lineup with this concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way of old XX century songs.

Starting from Musique Concr? This could be said to be the band's first proper Industrial record. The drone pieces of the past are still present but in a more controlled and subtle way, adding even further to the psychedelic experience, and tying together 5 harsh industrial tracks. At times this will remind you of Whitehouse, Godflesh and more than anything else TG, complete with screamed desperate vocals and harsh oscillating synths.

The disc flows extremely well and this together with the unorthodox artwork invokes an almost soundtrack like atmosphere. I urge everybody into oldschool industrial not to let the bands background trick you into not giving this album the attention it deserves".

On this album we will hear two long suites in classical industrial dark ambient style. The track by Fanum is an unhurried drift through deserted mechanized spaces, slow loops of soft noises and streams of Alone - The Illusion - The Illusion drones.

It seems like birds singing somewhere? Or is it just a rusty flap creaking in the wind?. The composition features many field recordings, the origins of which are not so easy to guess.

Sound fabric sways like waves, sometimes rolling over with assertive density, then retreating and creating a rarefied atmosphere with sweeps of rare electric flashes and phantom echoes Karna presented the final recording of the project here: a monotonous post-apocalyptic soundscape imbued by cold moonlight.

Lifeless space, painted with pulsating low frequencies and grainy crackling of the electrified air. The composition is minimalistic at first sight, but it gradually sprouts with various layers and structures: rare metal clangs and machine samples, electronic strokes, a grid of simple rhythm and a quiet synth melody underlining the overall atmosphere of desolation.

Varied whole of perfectly paced harsh noise violence, electronic disturbance, depraved vocal gargle and tape manipulations in best industrial tradition. Edition of While it may only be one of many tentacles emerging from the vile meat-mass of Nicola Vinciguerra, Fecalove probably ranks as the most dangerous. While this Italian filth-monger has been tormenting our eyes over the past several years with his always repulsive and always interesting artwork under the TISBOR name as well as running the Italian division of the excellent Turgid Animal label, Vinciguerra has also been puking up a steady stream of cassette tapes and Cd-rs under the Fecalove name loaded with extreme harsh noise, sonic portraits of deviant sexual behavior and violence, and a vicious brand of power electronics that's been tearing my face off ever since I first heard the 'Like A Dog' disc on Bloodlust.

Combining the obvious classic PE influences particularly the primitive PE slime of early Mauthausen Orchestra with brutal junk-noise assaults, searing electronic drones, and sputtering hypnotic rhythms, Vinciguerra cranks up the bestial violence tenfold with a vocal attack that is sometimes more akin Morphvoise - Various - Deep Jungle (Only) the blood-gargling horror of a death metal vocalist than the typical distorted rant n' rave you usually hear in power electronics recordings.

That ultra-vicious energy transmits all kinds of blasphemies and hate-filled screeds, each track usually materializing as a blunt blood-boiling excoriation of humanity at large, or a euphoric celebration of gruesome perversion.

Either way, it's a blast Randall Agoraphobic Nosebleedwith exclusive artwork from Blinko. Vintage Dark Ambient album which takes you on a Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds voyage.

Furiously rocking songs packed with gritty guitars and Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Woundsrhythm section heavy as an elephant turd and as the band puts it, "lots of shouting". The original recordings have been carefully restored and remastered by Pentti Dassum and the sleeve features original artwork and photos by the band along with liner notes.

Standard jewel case with full colour sleeve. Limited edition of copies. Co-released with Kaos Kontrol. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music, monstrous metallic noise, booming ritualistic percussion, slit-throat recitations of formless horror, and further abyssal abominations.

Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long, sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black, dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds the dead, to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep, sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's Ill Be There - Walter Egan - Wild Exhibitions industrial nightmares.

The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead, the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power With Nightside Emanations, Funerary Call presents his most organic and purely ritual experiences Extended pieces of opaque ambience are augmented by slow, foreboding, tribal percussion and sedated vocal incantations, full of ancient mysticism and creeping miasma.

Material used in the recording process ranged from found objects such Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds rocks, scrap metal, antlers and bones, to an assortment of ritual implements; chimes, bells, gongs, rattles and kangling. The result is unequivocally one of the darkest releases you'll find under the Malignant banner and one of the more focused and complete recordings from Funerary Call.

And now it shines here as the totally remastered 20 years anniversary edition. This material stands for one of the most wanted records in this genre for all times. The well-balanced music contains power electronic rhythm based tracks as well as dark drowning ambient pieces with haunting samples. Tracks like Klaus Barbie, Mind Control and Come Orgasm are played on various stations, parties and radios for the last 20 years.

The two additional tracks, so far unknown to the majority, are fitting perfectly to the line-up of the early industrial-rhythm driven sound of the band.

The LP version, which is a mailorder item only, comes as close as possible to the original version, with a printed and stamped metal plate attached to the front cover, DIN A4 insert and an unique extra afixed to the backside of the cover. Limited and numbered to the original edition copies only! The CD version comes in a nice spot varnished digipack with the logo debossed on the front cover, similar to : In-Konflikt :.

Genocide Organ got founded in Originally released in as Tesco The socio-political criticism, and cultural-terrorist approach is inherent. A document of its time! The opening opus of the bands restless striving for more depth in a shallow reality, Catching Me - Various - :In:Deep:An:Dance: 2006 a society that likes to hide the unpleasant and controversial sides of life.

The phrase "noli me tangere" is no longer in effect! All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity is the heaviest music yet from this infernal mutation, mixing in huge black blots of grisly distorted bass riffage and noxious undertow with GTT's trademark symphony of orchestral strings bent into hellish atonal melody, horrific screams and guttural operatic wails wrenched from the pits of orgiastic ecstasy, grinding slow-motion percussion, and a thick, suffocating atmosphere of cancerous horror and dread.

Packaged in a heavy gatefold package with a Gnaw Their Tongues vinyl sticker. Alongside Nyodene D, The Vomit Arsonist, and Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed represents an act at the forefront of a genre, whose music is built on a European foundation, but is sculpted and heightened with American aggression and intensity.

Few artists are as adept or as capable at building Showdown (Stripped Down Edit) - Lady B.* - Raw Disko EP and atmosphere as Gnawed, then releasing it in an onslaught of deep barreled percussion, pneumatic reverberations, scrap metal debris, and turbine fueled drones, the processed vocals resonating and slicing through the mix with force and rigor, the end result a perfect marriage of controlled chaos and structured composition.

A modern masterpiece of true industrial music. In 6 panel digipak with matte finish. Artwork by Brian Vander Pol. Dude is out of control good. He just broke a rib so make sure to bring him some pharmaceuticals. Available on CD and LP! With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art. Fierce power electronics. One disc harsh power electronics tracks and other CD acoustic non-effected metal junk noise. Other tracks continue to approach different topics from perspective of Seer of Decay.

Re-issue of in double-jewelbox packaging Vitreous - Basmati (File) all lyrics! Freak Animal. Split album recorded mostly around It was finally released in and sold out. Now Freak Animal is proud to present 2nd pressing in jewelbox. Most of recordings are Grunt side of material continues the "Europe After Storm" era highly contructed power electronics. Russian war propaganda. Cloama Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds his crystallic power electronics tones and distorted vocals.

Re-issue from comes in jewelbox and Russian language part of title is corrected into "Belaja Smert". Finnish industrial-noise and power electronics! Couldn't really come up with a precedent for what they were doing, taking recordings of the screams and wails of mental patients and layering them against a fearsome tableau of dissonant skull-scraping noise, Merzbow levels of grinding harsh feedback and heaps of low-fi improvised black doom all Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds hidden by their thick curtains of demonic skree.

It certainly made for some demented, evil sounding noise, and the three albums Can You Hear What Im Saying - Toto - The Essential Toto they released made up a suffocating, bizarre body of work that seemed to challenge even the mighty Abruptum for the crown of nihilistic, abstract black horror.

Inthe band announced that they were going to alter their sound and change their name to Gulaggh, with the new incarnation of the band now focusing on creating their terrifying soundscapes using orchestral instruments instead of the blackened ultra-harsh distortion and feedback of their previous Hyenah - The Wish. And while their new sound isn't as harsh or oppressive as the Stalaggh material, Gulaggh has managed to create something that is equally disturbing and nightmarish with their debut album Vorkuta, resembling some strange fusion of abstract European improv and the howling background sounds from an exorcism ritual This is total swirling psychedelia, incredibly heavy shifting tides of drone with Various - Compact Rock organ lines permeating the noise.

I can't better the description Haare himself gave it: "a slow, heavy bell". You may have heard of them! Relentless metal storm avalanche bulldozer filled with endless details and textures.

Total dedication and obsession. In addition there's an unreleased archive track titled FUBAR, which is a good description of the listener's state after listening through this. Artwork by Bitewerks. CD in standard jewelcase. The dense, brutally forceful metalscapes that this UK noisemaker has been creating in recent years follows in a tradition of metal manipulation previously examined by Japanese noisician K2 and Canadian artist Alan Bloor aka Knurlbut Hutchinson uses a unique approach to the way he assembles and layers his recordings of chains, pipes, sheet metal, metal barrels, and other metallic objects being smashed and dragged and beaten.

Known previously for Take Warning - Various - Take Warning: The Songs Of Operation Ivy forays into harsh noise and death industrial with the projects like Execution Support Act, Pollutive Static, Meatgrinder, Hutchinson's current direction moves into a truly industrial realm of sound, totally devoted to the sheer physicality of metal colliding against metal, and recent releases from Hutchinson on Freak Animal Records and Unrest Productions have produced some of the most compelling scrap-metal noisescapes to appear in recent years.

It's intensely abrasive, somewhat comparable to Molekular Terrorism-era K2, but stripped down to the sound of pure metal; attentive listening yields surprising results, as there's a haunting, undefinable element to these recordings heard in the ghostly groan of metal appearing beneath the more abrasive layers of crashing junk scrap.

These repetitive scraping tones almost seem to take on an eerie accidental melodic quality, as the mountains of scrap metal and heavy chains slowly shift and Alive - Various - Committed 2 Rock around you, forming into subliminal patterns as the tracks unfold Lmtd copies, in 6 panel digipak. Everybody is singing Cock Thoughts.

Now here is your oportunity to hear where all began. The sperm that birthed the band. This is the Melancholy - Cyberwave - Fill In The Blank that started it all. On these early recordings, Harley participated in a much different way, rather than doing the lead vocals, Harley controlled the sexual situations.

From a Skype call to enjoying a porno film with an obedient participant. No, he is still present and in some of these earlier tracks, those orders are given in a dark atmosphere that excludes the possibility of beats. Creating an environment that is both scary and titillating. Like a voyeur peeking into a window, here is your chance to experience the inside story and development of the phenomenon that is known as Hirsute Pursuit.

Yes, this is the beginnings of music that smells like a man. It is hard to pin down this musical entity. Once you hear it, you will be hooked. Catchy choruses will have you humming and singing all day. Dirty Creature starts with beauty. Piano and voice entone Creating Thoughtforms. If I were poem and you were a rhyme, would you run through me for a time? It travels along many paths, both pretty and uplifting and dark and mysterious.

Bringing forth the fullness of analogue synthesizers that envelop your soul it is then punctured with stabs of noise which reminds one of life itself. Whatever your taste, Hospitality on Parade will touch upon some aspect of it and you will become one of the converted. This is an album that will be as fresh in 20 years as it is today. We will eventually reprint the entire I. The material on 'Cella Phantasma' originates from the very first I.

The album offers an archeo-astronomical account of the spectral phenomena found at that particular time. The sessions or states of 'Cella Phantasma' were heavily influenced by numerous mystical experiences that took place during various night-time wanderings and ritual retreats, which more than often included exceedingly vigorous and intimidating encounters with the Visitors from beyond.

The primitive electro-acoustic manifestations arising from such experiences are brought forth in a characteristically eerie lo-fi atmosphere, composed using a minimal selection of instruments. The album is available in two editions: CDs and 50 cassettes.

Both editions include three hand-finished photo prints, a textual insert and silk-screen printed cardboard covers. Total running time: After the debut album "Bastion Intouchable ", the French-Canadian martial industrial attack is back! On this new release, violence is now at it's peak. Complex orchestral phrasing is mixed with devastating war drums and destructive vocals. It's a firm statement against globalisation and the hypocrisy of multiculturalism.

The album also explore the themes of sentimental nihilism and the duality of life and death. This is a must have for all fans of Von Thronstahl, Derni?

New CD release from the highly respected Texas based project. A slow grinding death taking its grip on a society oblivious to the obvious 10e Insecta - The Birth Of Gods CD Monochrome Vision This is the debut full-length CD by Thomas Beck solo project - raw and noisy soundscape inspired by the kind of the modern mythology, showing his perfect skills in uncommon treatment of synthetic sounds, samples and field recordings, after numerous small run works, different collaborations with other artists and other activity.

The band present a new member, MK Vermin from Czech noise project Magadan, who not only provides powerful electronics, but also vocals. If you have seen D. L's return to the stage at Tower Transmissions 4, you will know that the new direction is very harsh. Power electronics dominate the sound, and you will not always recognize the new versions of older tracks as the reworkings are very radical.

After a long hiatus, finally a new album by Austria's one and only power electronics band. While the last album flowed between opposites and extremes, this new opus marks a kind of a return to more familiar ground, where traditional song structure and melody occasionally appear and are more suited to the shorter track timing.

But the omnipresent narrative feel ultimately gives these recordings a nuanced and soothing edge. People familiar with subjects associated with IRM, such as flamboyance, exclusion and theatrical immersion will also find a home here this time around. Harder to grasp is what kind of existentialist limbo the perpetrator here resides in.

Redemption - not likely. Includes 20 page booklet. There is no in your face harsh approach here, IFOTS takes a much more subtle route than that and is all the more challenging for it. Comes with a bonus live version of Feel The Boot. Shocking pink digipak with spot-varnished artwork. The album utilises new recording methods and extraordinary, intoxicating song arcs that will leave the listener still hearing and Alien Landscape - Mother Savage / The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - Open Up Wounds the album long after it has been filed away.

Not only does Nil By Mouth offer David's When I Take My Sugar To Tea - Frank Sinatra - Ring-A-Ding Ding! confronting take on layered, modern power electronics yet but he also adds another dimension of creep, distinct from the previous Tesco Organisation CDs, courtesy of some unexpected contributions from Mark Groves Dead Boomers, Von Einem, Absoluten Calfeutrail.


Take Me To Your Leader - The Desert Sessions - Vol V: Poetry For The Masses (Sea Shed Shithead By Th, Cant Stand It (bonus cut) - Universal Xpression - Peace Party, Our Things - Burning Man - Ronin, The Forgotten Way - Augustines* - This Is Your Life, Lips Of Deceit - Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, Catching Me - Various - :In:Deep:An:Dance: 2006, Casanova 70 - AIR - Discography, Long Hot Summer (Recorded June 8, 2005 at Club Café, Pittsburgh) - Marah - Sooner Or Later In Spain, А. Аренский* = A. Arensky* - Сюиты № 1 И 3 = Suites Nos. 1 And 3, Flug - Dynamic Range EP, Bizet Has His Day - Les Brown And His Band Of Renown - The Explosive Sound Of Les Brown And His Band, Waltzes, Op. 64 - Frédéric Chopin - Les Grands Maîtres De La Musique, Twist And Change (LP Edit) - The Groove Corporation* - Twist And Change